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Oct 11, 2009 11:59 AM

Butcher Recommendations in NE Philly Area?

I'm looking for a butcher in the northeast philly area. I know of the ones in south philly, and the RTM, but I was hoping for something in my area. I've been to Reikers, but the people I cook for are not into german meats. Any suggestions? Also, a good fish place? Thanks!

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  1. Block and Cleaver is a butcher shop near Cottman and Ditman in the Northeast. Near St. Huberts High School. Haven't been there in a while but it's worth a try. Prices are a little more then a supermarket but the service is great.

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      Thanks for your reply, Chrissy. I've walked past it before, but never went in. I'll stop by there tomorrow Have you ever been to Butcher Boys on Frankford? I was wondering if they were any good.

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        Butcher Boys used to have a lot of meats, etc. Now they're more of a deli/prepared foods place. Good stuff, but not a butcher.

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          Do you know if they still carry homemade calves liverwurst in natural casing? It used to be on a par with Reiker,s and Illg's

    2. Not exactly the Northeast, but closer than South Philly and RTM:

      The meat counter at the Jenkintown Whole Foods is usually very accommodating for special requests/particular cuts, etc.

      For fish, the H-Mart on Cheltenham Ave. has a good selection and good prices.

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        I'll try the Jenkintown WF this weekend. I used to work at the WF on Callowhill. I've never been to the H-Mart, but I've driven past it...always meant to go in. Thanks!

      2. Ok this one is a bit of a drive. But not to far from the north east, go out red lion till you get to the county line area in hatboro/horsham. Then go to for the address.

        It is out of the way. But they make all there wursts themselves. Smoked stuff I had never seen before. I have to tell you seeing a six year old devour an entire smoke pork chop is pretty awesome. Any Offal you want they can get. Remember they butcher their pigs on wednesday so order monday or tuesday for wednesday pick up. Nothing fresher. I have been using the bellies for bacon and pancetta. Awesome.

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          Thanks for posting that site..I'll try it this weekend. My husband loves anything smoked, so I'm sure I'll find something. Thanks!