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Oct 11, 2009 09:32 AM

Manasquan/Spring Lake/Brick etc area lunch suggestions

Please help me! My elderly parents live in Manasquan and it's now becoming necessary for me to get out to help them with paperwork and other issues almost weekly. While I'm there, we always go out for lunch, which my mother loves to do. Unfortunately, neither of my parents are adventurous eaters, M y mom has a physical limitation and uses a cane/walker (stairs are a problem), and she also does not eat seafood. My dad will not eat anything remotely exotic (like Japanese, which mom loves). Mom loves a glass of wine with her lunch, so we'd rather not BYOB. To give you some idea of what they like, Villa Vittoria is a favorite. The food is very good and solid there, but I am so sick of having Italian every time I see them I want to scream! We also go to Squan, Forte and Simkos.
So, I would welcome any suggestions you have for restaurants that would keep us all happy. I'd just like to try something new. A scenic restaurant would be nice, and price is not a problem. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

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    1. re: SusieQQ

      Thanks. Been to Rod's, which my dad likes, but I'm not crazy about. We also had a bad meal at Scarborough Fair a few years back, so that would be a hard sell. I'm not familiar with St Stephhens Green, so I'll check that one out.
      Thanks again!

    2. I also like Fratello's in Sea Girt

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      1. re: roccomingus

        Thanks, but I would so like to get away from Italian, which is what we end up having most of the time. I was hoping for some more non-Italian options, I wish I could get them out of the mode of having the same food all the time, but they are so limited in what they will eat, it's so frustrating!

      2. the sand bar in brielle may be a good option.. it is the same owner as fratellos and right on a marina.

        1. Try Harpoon Willy's on 70 just before the bridge.

          1. The best Italian meal out I have ever had was at Maria's in Manasquan. No stairs, and a great wine list. I highly recommend it, but go early as there is often a wait.