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Oct 11, 2009 09:17 AM

Chelsea Run: Katz, Market Basket, and OMG someone drove through Pollo Campero!

So after reading bagel thread after bagel thread, I finally managed to get to Katz's today. What a bagel. I am from NJ, and I feel as if this is the ONLY bagel I've had since I've lived in this area (about 12 years now) that holds up. I still haven't been to Rosenfeld's, but I will be there soon to compare for sure.

The excuse for going to Katz's was the trek to the Market Basket in Chelsea. This place is totally massive, but at about 10 am on a Sunday it was manageable. The aisles are plentiful AND spacious (two Goya aisles?), and the produce and meat selections were quite impressive. Finally, the bread selection at the bakery was quite nice and the ride was just slightly shorter than our ride to the Woburn location. We go to Burlington a lot, but without the bakery it has somewhat limited usefulness to us. Those times are usually saved for a combo Hmart visit.

Finally, when we were in line for Katz, the guy behind the counter mentioned that someone had driven their car THROUGH the Pollo Campero store! There are signs up on the windows that the store is closed until further notice. A shame, because we haven't gotten there yet! I just wanted to pass it along as an FYI for anyone who may be headed out that way.

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  1. Maybe it was a local fed up with the constant chicken smell. It really can stink of chicken.

    Katz's and Rosenfeld's are the two bagels that do it for me around Boston.