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Garlic Bread recipes?

Ok, I have an unsliced loaf of french bread, butter, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, garlic salt, granulated garlic powder, fresh garlic and chopped garlic in a jar.

What is your favorite garlic bread / toast recipe?

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  1. Sautee olive oil and chopped garlic. Add butter and melt. Brush over sliced (horizontal) bread, cover w/ aluminum and bake. Remove from oven, open foil and bread, add parmesan cheese, broil open faced.

    1. Spreading prepared basil pesto on good fresh bread wakes up my table!
      Adding roasted peppers and scrambled eggs to the pesto bread is a fav lunch sandwich.

      1. Costco's instore bakery makes a wonderful bread loaded with roasted garlic cloves. I mix granulated shallot or garlic powder, and parmesan, into softened butter, spread on slices of the loaf, and bake until golden and crusty. They have just brought back their own garlic bread, too - it's made with the same roasted garlic, spread onto a plain Italian loaf (Pugliese). Very good, too.

        1. grill bread til crusty. rub raw garlic clove over it like you would a grater.. drizzle with olive oil. A shower of freshly grated parmesan is a nice touch :-)

          1. Heres a super easy one.
            Bunch of crushed garlic, italian dressing (2-3 tblsp), shredded parmesan, and clarified butter.

            Mix and spread

            1. Inspired by the late Justin Wilson: Slice bread lengthwise. Mix together (I use the Cuisinart) softened butter, chopped garlic, a bit of salt, freshly ground pepper, and enough grated parmesan to make a stiff spread. Spread on the bread, run it under the broiler. Cut in segments, and if you want to do it like "Uncle Justin", dip the bread in red wine as you eat.

              1. I mix a little mayo in with softened butter & roasted garlic & parmesan & sometimes some oregano/basil. I like the little bit of tang the mayo gives.

                1. Thanks for all of your great ideas. I'm going to try them all, one by one!

                  1. Have any anchovies or anchovy paste? I lightly saute garlic in a butter/olive oil mixture, then add a light "squish" of anchovy paste and some dried red pepper flakes and cook that in a bit. Then dip each piece of sliced bread into the butter, put it on a pan, top w/grated parm and a little parsley for color and broil until golden and bubbly.

                    Just don't tell any kids/spouses who are easily freaked out about the anchovy paste.

                    1. America's Test Kitchen has a good one. (You have to register but it's free.) http://www.americastestkitchen.com/re...

                      1. Hi there, I take Italian whole loaf of bread, cut in inhalf long way. Put the two halfs in a pan with sides, slice thru not all the way though into thick slices. I have a small pot of I cant believe its not butter mixed with olive oil or real butter with lots of pressed fresh garlic cloves heated and married for a while.
                        I brush this on the top ot the two bread halfs and add some granulated garlic sprinkled all over then add my favorite ZATAR seasoning with some parmesan cheese (the type in the green can) . I put it in a 475 broiler settings with the oven shelf half way down like in the middle and then brown it for about 5 mins etc, til its brown and heated through. Watch carefully that you dont leave it there to long as the Zatar seasoning can burn easily.
                        This is darn good.
                        Have fun with it and tweak as you like.

                        1. I find this method to be the least time consuming and messy. Preheat oven to 400. Place a rimmed cookie sheet over your stovetop burners. Turn them on to low and melt a stick of butter and a 1/4 cup of EVOO. Crush two garlic cloves and stir into the mix. Turn off burners and tilt pan to evenly spread mix. Place sliced bread into butter mix and then flip them over and scoot them around to soak in all of the butter. Tranfer to oven and bake until golden. You may use as much garlic as you like and add cheese if you wish. My favorite addition is dill.

                          1. Fat-free & very garlicky (more-or-less the recipe from an old Reed College student cookbook): Cut a couple of cloves of garlic in half. Scrub all over a loaf of crusty bread with the cut sides until the cloves disintegrate. (The crust will look somewhat shiny & perhaps even damp. This is fine.) Put the loaf in the oven at whatever temperature you need for your other dishes (I've done it at anything from 300 to 450 degrees & just kept an eye on it) until it is thoroughly hot. You can wrap it in foil but I don't always bother. The end result is fantastically garlicky & is delicious as is, which is a big help if you are feeding people who must watch their cholesterol intake. The others can add butter if they like.