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Oct 11, 2009 08:14 AM

Alton Brown on Sunday Edition on NPR

He was on to talk about the ten year anniversary of Good Eats, and various other things. I caught the 10 year anniversary show that was filmed in Atlanta. When did Alton turn into Gallagher? Anyways, I thought he looked different, he said on the show that he'd lost 50 pounds since watching all the old shows and realized how much weight he'd gained. Pretty lengthy conversation.

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  1. i too watched the 10th anniversary special and was a little unimpressed with it. but i imagine as someone actually in the audience it was a fairly good time.

    i also have noticed how svelte alton is lately. compare the way he looked at the 10th ann. event to his welch's commercials, or even Good Eats episodes from last season. he's lost tons of weight, has his cool old haircut back, and he looks fantastic.

    the man is back in rare form. as someone whose love of cooking can be largely attributed to watching Good Eats as a kid, that makes me very happy.

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    1. re: beelzebozo

      Did you think that he sounded quite hoarse on his 10th anniversary show? I'm glad that I was not the only person who expected a bit more from his 10th anniversary show.

    2. I did not catch the special, but I was shocked when I saw Alton on the most recent Iron Chef. I googled to find out if he has disclosed an illness. He looks gaunt to me. But maybe I'm just used to more of Alton to love. :)

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      1. re: dexters

        I, too, was shocked. I don't mean it in a mean way, but he looks awful. In addition to looking SEVERELY gaunt, he also has what appears to be a skin cancer on his cheek. I sincerely hope everything is okay...but he just really has that "sick" look.

        1. re: eltonfan2133

          He has had that blemish on his cheek at least since he started Good Eats in 1999. I'm guessing it was there long before that. He has even poked fun at it on Good Eats. I really don't think it is anything to worry about.

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            His skin is lose on his face right now because of the weight loss. It'll tighten back up after a bit and he'll look fine.
            We have a guy here at work who lost about 150lbs rather quickly. He looked like that for a while but now three or so years later he looks just fine.


        2. He says he was putting together the Good Eats video collections, and his daughter asked who the skinny guy on the show was. He decided to get serious about getting slimmer.

          I thought it was funny that he gave up milk, which he calls "the gateway food." You have a glass of milk, and you've got to have cookies or cake or pie or a peanut butter sandwich.....

          1. See also:

            I would advise skipping the first 10 minutes or so, which is just the Google veep going on and on.

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            1. re: jlafler

              Actually, the one thing she did that I thought was interesting was to show the graph of Google food-related searches over time, with the regular peaks right around Thanksgiving. It's at about the one minute mark.

            2. Note that Brown was a guest of Google at a Google event, thus a large Google introduction. The young woman, Marissa Mayer, is the corporate face for Google and is not a professional television personality like Alton. I think she did rather well based on other people in her position and her subject matter.

              Interesting to note, Ms. Mayer is on Fortune's list of the fifty most powerful women in the world, and the youngest to ever make this list. She is also one of the first twenty people to work for Google. Next time you use Google Map or Earth, you have this young lady to thank.