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Oct 11, 2009 06:27 AM

Langosta Lounge: really full of itself

So finally my partner and I try LL for dinner. Had been there for drinks once--v. good margaritas and fun atmosphere. Tried to go for dinner last week. Called for a reservation around noon but host practically laughed out loud at the idea of us thinking we could actually get a Sat. nite reservation "that late." Made a reservation this week, on Friday, for Sat nite.

So partly it's all the hype and build up, but boy was I disappointed. Table for two was tiny and we sat about a foot away from the next two-top. Then our question was, could we get her to crack a smile? Nope. I had narrowed my choice down to 2 entrees and asked for a recc. I don't eat shellfish, so I don't know, was her first reply. Then I asked which was more popular. No joy there, either. I figured she hates people and/or her job and just ignored her after that, noting also that our neighbors got exactly the same treatment. But when neighbors left and fashionable couple replaced them, the woman self-importantly ordering a bottle of wine, the waitress transformed: chatting, joking, and--yes--making menu recommendations. I sat there slack-jawed, watching this. I guess she wrote us and first neighbors off as nobodies. After this--though it was check and tip-calculating time--we didn't see her much. She was too enthralled with new neighbors and I guess other, cooler people. But my favorite moment of all was, when she came to take the check, I tried to tell her, "we don't need change" but she just snatched it out of my hand and wouldn't even make eye contact. Wow.

My dish was problem #2. Can't remember the name but thai-inspired with green and red curry, over black rice, and I chose shrimp. Well, the shrimp was "bait shrimp" or, if you can picture this, much like the shrimp you buy in a little bag at shop rite for $5 and make shrimp salad sandwiches with. I couldn't believe it. The sauce was EXTREMELY heavy and rich...I swear there was a full can of coconut milk in there and I don't know what else. I couldn't finish it and, as I said to my partner, when Ieave rice and potatoes on the plate, you know something's wrong. At the risk of TMIing you, my stomach was in a state of shock and awe all night. My partner was happy with her salad (arugula, goat cheese), and sushi roll, but I tried them and they weren't special in any way.

At some point--maybe in warm weather when we can sit outside--I might go back and try the lobster enchiladas. But really a big let-down.

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  1. while your perceptions are what they are, my wife and I took our 24 yo son there in September on a Thursday nite and our experience was diametricallly opposite that of yours. You stated that you were there for cocktails once, yet you were surprised as to how tight it was at the tables. Our table was right at the hole in the wall that allowed foot traffic from the nearby 'threads' botique next door. All that I did was switch my seat (at our small table of four near the sliding glass window that looks out onto the boards)

    While it's not a gastronomic destination place, Marilyn Schlossbach does take pride in what comes out of her kitchen with the dishes being inventive and different.

    Our waitress while not at the level that we've been graced with it at Nicholas, LaFontana (when that was alive and kicking) etc was cordial, smiled, etc. and was very pleasant. And when I had a bit of cognitive dissonance as to choosing an entree, she did recommend one dish over the other.

    When going out, being cordial and having a light hearted spirit goes a long way in making the evening pleasant. Plus, if you give off a positive vibe, it's contagious. Again, not criticizing, but just citing our experience which was quite pleasant.

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      We are going there tomorrow night with another couple. I requested a booth overlooking the ocean. Hope we get what is requested.!! What was it you had for dinner and liked?

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        like the Cuban olives. The Bayou Shrimp. Bangkok Lobster, ceviche, ahi grade mango tuna.

        Stay away from the lobster rolls. They're caviar sized dollops on a soft roll. Not worth the $.


      2. re: JustJake

        I'm not Jake but here are some ot the dishes I've had that I particularly like:


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          Hey Jake, we went there totally ready to have a good time. The negative vibe WASN'T coming from us, but our horribly unfriendly waitress. I don't know why you assume we were the problem.

          And when I order a shrimp dish in a nice restaurant, I don't expect bait shrimp.

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            I understand Jeats. Sometimes it just pays to sit at the bar, have some cocktails and appys and leave it at that.

            I find that a smile, good eye contact is the key to 'connecting' with anyone in life. While your waitress may have been truly truly challenged and ill fit for her job, I don't doubt your comments whatsoever.

            Life's too short to waste on negatives. If LL was not up to your liking, 86 it off of your list of places to go, or as I indicated above, pare it down to the bar and appys. It's a cool little spot that's offering up music and a relaxing atmosphere. A Nicholas, Fromargiiere, Frog & the Peach it is most definitely NOT.