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Oct 11, 2009 06:22 AM

Is zucchini worth eating? ;-)

This is a 2-part question.

1) Does zucchini have any nutritional value?

2) Is there any way to cook zucchini that makes it better than so-so? This is the main problem I have with the vegetable. I find it blah. Watery, fairly tasteless. Occasionally I'll grill it, and the grill flavour makes it better, but the zucchini itself just doesn't produce much taste. Am I missing something?


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  1. I sauté mine with garlic, olive oil , S&P, and top with blue cheese crumbles. It's wonderful.

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    1. re: FoodChic

      I am totally addicted to Zucchini fried in butter and topped with lots of Parm Chese on top. Blue cheese sounds wonderful! Ill have to try that.

    2. No, you're not missing anything. I like it grilled, or sauteed in a super hot pan.
      Decent amount of fiber, and a good amt of vitamin C

      1. zucchini bread is awesone, my husband likes it sauted as FoodChic but with cheddar and salsa as a topping. I like the idea of blue cheese, I will try that next time. Marinated and grilled with other veggies with good cheese on a panini, oh ya!

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          1. I just recently made kolokithokeftedes, also known as zucchini fritters: grated zucchini mixed with fresh mint, feta, a bit of flour & panko and one egg. Drop into oil and fry golden brown. Dip into tsatsiki, and it's heaven.

            It's also great as carpaccio, sliced paper-thin, and drizzled with olive oil or walnut oil. Add some crumbled feta and toasted pine nuts. OK, I guess I'm one of those people who really like zukes. My favorite prep is grilled and marinated with olive oil & herbs.

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              There's a Chow recipe for this carpaccio style. I like to use the smallest gray Mexican squash (like zucchini, but with lighter skin, and slight taper) for this. But I also taste a slice first, to make sure it isn't bitter.

              Today I mixed oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on a pretty plate, and then arranged the squash slice on top of that, along with colorful slices of bell pepper and tomato. It's an easy way to create a visually pleasing salad.