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Oct 11, 2009 06:13 AM

Pork Belly on a Grill?

Has anyone cooked a pork belly on a charcoal grill using indirect heat?

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  1. i've done thinly sliced pork belly on direct heat, on a stick, in a vietnamese style. that's not what you're asking, i know, but perhaps it's something to consider down the road.

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      1. re: tommy

        yes a few times, - it turned out great..

        I marinaded my slab of pork belly in a Japanese / Chinese marinade - soy, sake, sesame oil, a bit of sugar or honey, ginger and garlic for about 24 hours.

        first brown the meat on all sides on the grill over direct heat, then cover the bbq and let it sit in indirect heat for about and hour and 1/2, keeping the temp fairly low. .

        You should get a crispy skin and chargrilled, smoky flavour which is moist and succulent on the inside.

        1. re: foreignmuck

          This is basically what I ended up doing. It came out great!

      2. I second the sliced on the grill method. At a joint called Il Re Del Porco in Padua it was the best component of the pork mixed grill, and a real revelation in porcininity. Sliced pretty thick and not cooked to the point of total crispness like bacon, but a perfect blend of crispy edges and unctuous middle and pork all the way through.