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Oct 11, 2009 04:58 AM

Brewster Fish House: Packed to the Gills

My friend from Nantucket was on Cape and suggested an early supper at Brewster Fish House. When I arrived at 6 the parking lot was jammed. I had to park at the nearby driveway to the Brewster town offices.

Inside the bar was packed and we were out the door. We waited about 30 min and thankfully had deuce near the window away from the maddening crowd. Service was swift as they wanted us in and out. There was no time for mulling the menu. The waitstaff were efficient. The noise level was high. A mention by 7:30 when we left it was much quieter. I think we hit the senior crowd when we arrived at 6.

I chose a cup of fish chowder and an app of raw bar. Kate had the salmon. She chose a wine I had water. The bread were two rolls rather dry from Pain D'Avignon or similar. I have been eating really clean but wanted to have some bread. It was not worth the carbs. The chowder came in a very small cup. The broth was creamy/buttery and there was a few small potatoes and minced fish. It went down fast due to the size. I would not recommend a cup (5). The shellfish platter were 4 crisp delicious shrimps, 4 large tasty oysters and 4 tiny littlenecks. There was horseradish, cocktail sauce and lemons plus one other sauce. The waitress did not tell me what it was and I never used it. The price was 17 which I think was fair for the portions and plating. Kate loved her salmon which had baby squashes a half fig and what I think was potato. I could not see her plate due to all the stuff in the middle of the table.

Everytime I go to BFH it's mobbed so I have never really enjoyed the experience. Someday I would love to try it during a quieter time. My portion of the bill with a generous tip was 29 so I left 30.00.

I thought my review would put the name of the restaurant in the title but it did not and I cannot edit the title..sorry

Brewster Fish House
2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

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  1. When did you see all of these crowds? In October??

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    1. re: gilleska

      Saturday night of Columbus Day Weekend.

      1. re: ciclista

        6 PM Sat night. My kiddo said Girardi's was packed..also at the Donut Shack Sunday AM she sold out at 9 AM. It was a busy weekend.

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          Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do? Ran errand with my lovely daughter. Her plans to go to Hyannis changed so we decided to go have lunch. Our errands took us to Orleans and Brewster so she asked to try Brewster Fish House. 2 PM a steady lunch crowd was present. She loves chowder and fishcakes so we got one of each to share. As above the chowder was tasty but still not much protein in the bowl. Our bread was completely stale but we ate it out of sheer hunger. Her crab cakes were, well they tasted odd. She ate half and I ate half trying to discern what was what..we left the second. We also left the store made deli style cole slaw and half the fries....ok we tried more for BFH. It's so cute inside..darn shame. Price 35 USD with tip.

          Brewster Fish House
          2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

    2. I went there over the summer and enjoyed my meal. B/c I was alone, I was seated quickly, but there was a really LONG wait for others. The waitress was not friendly, and not really keen on suggesting what was special that nite- my only complaint. I did see many customers leaving due to the wait. But it was summer, and I'm used to long waits for good restaurants on the Cape. And the food WAS good.