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Oct 11, 2009 12:31 AM

Cheap, quiet ethnic restaurants in Montgomery County?

Looking for Asian, Middle Eastern or Latino restaurants in Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Wheaton ...

Would like to find places with a relatively low noise level, and where we can have a leisurely weeknight dinner without feeling rushed. Don't need a full bar, but do need wine.

We already know about Ruan Thai, Nava Thai and Kabob n Kahari.


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  1. Faryab for Afghan food in Bethesda. Surprisingly elegant. The buranee as an appetizer and the pumpkin over rice for an entree.

    1. Sichuan Pavilion in Rockville is worth checking out. And Steve just introduced me to Peking Palace in Germantown, which is a little outside the area you're targeting but which (despite the name) does quite good Hunan food based on my one visit there so far.

      1. Guadado's in Bethesda for Latino (tapas, plus some Latin American dishes). Not hole-in-the-wall cheap, but reasonable (probably on par with Faryab?).

        1. Joe's. Supposedly the place next door is good, but since I live in NOVA, I never go in there when next to Joe's.

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          1. re: Dennis S

            Joe's isn't really leisurely, though - they try to turn those tables pretty quickly.

            The place next to Joe's is Kabobi House, and they do fabulous Persian kabobs (with bad bread.) Leisurely is fine, but it's only a couple of steps above a hole-in-the-wall; counter, rather than table service; and I don't think there's booze.

            La Canela in downtown Rockville is perfect. The upstairs dining room is very quiet, they have a full bar, and the Peruvian menu is outstanding.

            1. re: DanielK

              My wife insists on whiskey before dinner, so we go to the Mexican place around the corner from Joe's for a few pops before our salt and pepper squid. I have the same problem as Dennis. When in Rockville, it's gotta be Joe's. I just love that food.

          2. Los Chorros in Wheaton. The only time I found it to be remotly crowded was on a Sunday night, and even then it's such a large place that the noise level was low.

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            1. re: HilkaryIC

              Thanks to all for the suggestions. I was at Matamoros last night and popped into New Kam Fong to pick up a menu. We're going to try it on our next outing.

              Los Chorros -- I think I went there many years ago. Is it down a flight of steps? Or am I thinking of someplace else? They had really good tamales.

              1. re: Mallomar

                That is the one. I like the Salvadoran Special Platter and the Pork Rib fajitas.