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Oct 10, 2009 10:19 PM

Eglinton Grand

I've read all the reviews in Chow regarding The Eglinton Grand (banquet hall). Most, if not all of the reviews are about 2 years old. I was just wondering if anyone has recent reviews on the food, service, etc. I am considering this for my wedding venue and the food is very important to me. Please let me know if you've been to it recently or have heard of any recent comments/feedback. From what I've read it was pretty bad, I am hoping things have changed for the better because the venue itself is beautiful.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I haven't been to Eglinton Grand and haven't heard any recent reviews on it, but we were in a similar situation 2 years ago when we were booking venues. We loved the space but heard from several friends who had been to different weddings that the food was disappointing. This past summer we went to a wedding at Atlantis, which is under the same ownership, and we both agreed that it might have been the worst wedding food we've ever had. If food is important to you, I would avoid it.

    Good luck finding a venue, it is probably the hardest part of wedding planning. Once you get that done, the rest should hopefully be easier.

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    1. re: igk

      HI igk, could you please elaborate on what made atlantis so terrible? We have booked our wedding there, mainly because of the location but also because we had heard goodreviews of the food . I've never tried the food there or at any of the sister venues but I can't imagine it being worse than the wedding meal I had at banquet royale a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully it won't be too bad...

      1. re: bunnylicious

        everything was bland and overcooked. i actually prefer canned chef boyardee to the pasta we had.
        imagine airplane food, but not on a tray. sorry...for your sake, hopefully we went on an off night for the kitchen. or maybe we are picky eaters...some others didn't seem to mind the food.
        it was still a good party and the venue was nice. it was open bar, so that made up for the night!
        good luck.

    2. Worst wedding banquet meal I had! Overcooked EVERYTHING! Chicken and Beef as tough as cardboard! Kitchen must feel ashame to serve such garbage to paying customers!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Do they allow outside caterers? I'm going to a wedding there in November and am now dreading the dinner, based on the food comments here. I'm just wondering whether there's a possibility of them having a caterer handle the food or am I doomed?

        1. re: 1sweetpea

          Thanks for the info igk & charles.
          Although I attended a wedding at Atlantis 3 years ago, and though the food doesn't quite stand out, I don't recall it being bad. I'm very disappointed with the Eglinton Grand. How can something look so good, yet be so bad?

      2. Hey JoyL, just curious which reception venue did you end up booking?
        I'm looking to book a June 2011 wedding and find myself in a similar situation, love the space.. but concerned about the food quality.. Dynasty catering is way too expensive.

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        1. re: EdithL

          Just wanted to report back about the wedding I attended last November at the Eglinton Grand. The space was incredibly beautfiul and the former theatre was perfect for the endless looping photo album slideshow that the bride and groom had put together for their wedding. The food was ho-hum. It was presented quite nicely, but there was way too much of it and nothing in particular stood out. The wedding ceremony began extremely late, so dinner service didn't really begin until nearly 10 pm. This may have accounted for some dry and overcooked food, or else lukewarm food that should have been hot. I don't blame the caterers or staff for this, since they had to deal with the delays. However, being served so late in the evening meant that a lot of food didn't get consumed. By the time the dessert was served, the late night dessert and fruit table was already laid out. It was crazy. To summarize, the venue and event was fabulous, but the food was only a notch above typical wedding caterer fare, if that.

          1. re: 1sweetpea

            Thanks so much 1sweetpea for the update! I really appreciate it.. (I'm assuming the ceremony was on-site at the Grand).. how was the bartedning service?
            I love food.. so the comments about food at EG gave me a bit of cold feet... we're checking out Liberty Grand this weekend.. any comments?

            We're looking to book for May/June 2011 wedding for 200ppl.. EG only has 1 saturday in June left.. can u belive that??? but unfortunately it's June 4th (4=die in Chinese)

            1. re: EdithL

              The ceremony was on-site, in an upstairs room. It was very tight. You would not be able to fit all 200 guests in that room for the ceremony, if that is your intention. The theatre itself is quite large and could fit 200 very comfortably. The bartending service was pretty good.

              As a food lover myself, I was disappointed that the focus of the meal portion seemed to me to be quantity over quality. I'm not sure whether the catering was provided in-house or whether an outside caterer was allowed/used.

              One really nice thing about the Eglinton Grand was that the old movie marquee and movie poster areas were available for use by the bride and groom. They came up with a cute movie-ish title for their event and used their engagement photo as movie poster. It was clever.

              Best of luck planning your big day. I wish I could comment on the Liberty Grand, but I haven't been to any events there.

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                Check out the Eglinton Grand dot com website for a laugh.

                Indian caterer is the "Host" and Chinese is "Dragon Dynasty".
                The Indian vegetarian menu will only set you back about $125/person inc. T&T, that is about $100 more than if you went to the restaurant and had the food fresh!!

                With all the add ons you could easily get to about $300/person and still be served execrable food.

              2. re: EdithL

                I've been to wedding-like events at both places thrown by the same organization - EG in spring 2008 and LG in spring 2009. EG is a really neat space, but I have to say the food was awful - downright cliche in its bad-wedding-food-ness. It's possible they've stepped up their game, but I'd say you're right to be wary. The food at LG seemed to at least be aiming for a higher level of sophistication, and was tastier, if not particularly memorable.

                Of course, even though it was the same organization, the people doing the planning were different from year to year - it's entirely possible that the group that chose the EG also chose to buy the cheapest possible menu. Good luck, and congratulations!

                1. re: Wahooty

                  Have been to both. My son and daughter in law had considered Eglinton Grand but am so glad they chose the Liberty Grand. Ranging from the logistics of guest parking , the elegance of the venue itself to the quality of the food. The Eglinton Grand is not totally accessible which excludes a few guests from particpating in the ceremony or going to the bar. Plus their bar is a short flight up from the reception area which was difficult for some of the older guests. They set up the ceremony in yet another room where you have to go up a flight of stairs, walk outside the theatre. Its all weird and awkward. The food was nothing special and found the venue a bit tight.

                  We had both steak and chicken at the Liberty Grand and everyone was impressed that the steaks were so delicious considering we had about 150 people there. Food is beautifuly presented and the chef was very flexible. They could have done a bit better on set up of sweet table (no wow factor) although the desserts were good.
                  Plus one thing we did find is that the room set up is long and narrow so depending on how many guests you have you should ask them for a mock table set up so you can see where the guests are in relation to your bride and groom and speeches.

                  1. re: breezey

                    Hello all,
                    I've been to both the Eglinton Grand and the Liberty Grand this year, and I found that both were amazing! Prior and preceding this visit as a guest I have continued to hear only good things about it. There was a lot of food for both, but also the quality was very good as well. Please keep in mind that the two couples that were being wed at both locations were able to really spend money on the higher end menu, which has some more unique items on the menu. Whether this makes a difference, I can't really say, all I know is that the food was delicious.
                    I personally enjoyed the EG so much for its food and appearance, I have actually booked my own wedding reception there for Aug. 2011.
                    Good luck finding a place!!

                    1. re: ericap

                      Hi everone,

                      Thank you so much for your helpful posts!! We ended up wanting to book with Liberty Grand but they didn't have any dates that was suitable for us (if anyone want LG you have to get on it early!). So in then end we booked with the Eglinton Grand for May 2011. We're getting pretty excited for it!! Apparently there's been a change in chefs since 2007 or'08.. a friend's sister got married there and he said the food was amazing.. the grilled trio.. EG is slightly more expensive than LG (we really liked the package that came with the seafood platters)... for EG we'll be paying $109.95 pp (hors D'oeuvres, 4 course dinner, late night dessert table and open bar).

                      Now moving on to the next steps, photographers and band.. this is never ending : )

                      1. re: EdithL

                        Good luck with the EG. I recommend you don't put "The Hurt Locker" on the Marquis. Look into the band "Grooveyard" - we loved them and dealing with them was wonderful.

          2. We were thrilled with everything. THRILLED!! Our wedding was truly one to remember and a large part of that was due to the great staff at the Eglinton Grand.

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            1. re: tracytran

              Just curious as to what menu package you chose? My fiance and I are considering this venue but are worried about the reviews about the food

            2. The staff were absolutely exceptional. I can’t express enough how impressed and truly grateful I am to have chosen the Eglinton Grand for my wedding. The staff at the Eglinton Grand went above and beyond to ensure that all my needs were met and took the stress of my mind regarding the details of my wedding.

              All of our guests raved about the uniqueness of the venue and how great the food, service and ambiance was. :)