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Oct 10, 2009 07:37 PM

Chicken & Rice Soup tip?

I just made my first Chicken and Rice soup. It tastes great but the rice fell apart--did not stay whole. I used my favorite long grain, Mathama. Any suggestions on what kind to use so it will stay whole?

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  1. Congratulations on your 1st chicken and rice soup!

    Few questions:

    How long did you cook the rice?

    Were you cooking it in the soup broth? If so, was it cooking at a simmer or a boil?

    You might not have to get a special kind of rice to make the soup of your dreams....

    1. Use wild rice. Yes, I know wild rice isn't technically a rice per se, but it's extra long cooking time makes it perfect for soups.

      1. Use leftover plain white rice - tossed in at the end.

        1. Rice won't stand up to long cooking. Well, it will, but it turns to porridge. Delicious, but presumably not what you're shooting for.

          As Sam says, you can use leftover rice and put it in just to heat it through. But I prefer the flavor of the soup to be infused into the grains. For that, add the rice 15 minutes before you turn the heat off. Let the soup stand for at least half an hour, then serve.

          1. I agree with the other folks, plus if you didn't try it, try stirring in some greens -spinach, collards, kale or chard - during the last few minutes. It wilts and turns a beautiful green and tastes great. It'll darken up in the leftovers but still tastes great. We like a hint of chili powder and/or cumin in it too sometimes as a change of pace.