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Oct 10, 2009 06:43 PM

Pumpkin Pie ice cream @ Fosselman's

Pumpkin pie ice cream ... as good as always, perfect way to usher in autumn.

Horchata ... not feeling this, reminds too much of fake piña colada.

Licorice ... only if I'm channeling Ronald Reagan and the powers of Star Wars.

Black walnut ... this reminds me of those chewy Chinese walnut cake pastries.

Waiting patiently for egg nog ...

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  1. I'll preface my opinion by saying I'm not a huge pumpkin fan - the pumpkin was a little too much for me. I appreciate the fact that they put a ton of in the batch, but I personally could have enjoyed it more if it was toned down a bit.

    Conversely, I did like the horchata. Didn't pick up on any pina or colada, but that's just me. I did feel they struck a really good balance between the vanilla and the cinnamon.

    Black walnut wouldn't appear on my radar, and you'd have to pry my mouth open with forceps to force down a drop of licorice ice cream. :)

    Now egg nog would definitely send huge blips on my screen...

    1. I really enjoyed the pumpkin, definitely will be back for more....

      But the horchata tasted more like vanilla, I had to go back to check if it was really horchata that she scooped....I was really hoping to like this one...oh, well...

      1. None of that is likely to pull me away from my standard Fosselman's order: a shake made from one scoop espresso, two scoops cookies 'n cream. I particularly agree with bulavinaka about licorice ice cream, except I wouldn't be able to say it with language suitable for a family Web site.

        A couple of questions: (1) Does anyone have a list of restaurants serving Fosselman's? I know that Gus's BBQ does, and says, "We also supply our delicious ice cream to many of the finer Restaurants, Clubs and Fountains in the San Gabriel Valley and L.A. area" -- but no details. (2) The Web site claims they're open unti 10 p.m. Can anyone confirm that time? I could have sworn they closed at 9.

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          I know they serve it at The Frontrunner restaurant at Santa Anita race track.

          1. re: Harry Nile

            Just found another place that serves a variety of Fosselman's ice cream... Quinn's Ice Cream & Sweets in Los Alamitos.

          2. Banana Walnut or Dark Chocolate are the standouts at Fosselman's. Stay away from the Spumoni.