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Oct 10, 2009 06:30 PM

Oktoberfest is a scam - Next year, you're forewarned: caveat emptor!

So it happens these guys decide to rent a parking lot downtown, charge a $60 "all inclusive" admission fee. Here's what you get:

1) an around the block waiting line à la Kogi truck that doesn't move. Total wait time to the front, let me guess, 3 hrs? Why it doesn't move? Read 4) below.

2) an almost empty parking lot with a couple tents showing some tchotchkes, a few pathetic lederhosen trägern paid attendants, an even pathetiker band of Musikanten.

3) Beer, I guess. Not a specially good one. Assuming you can drink it from those unmanageable plastic boots or the really thick and heavy one-liters.

4) After the 3 hrs external line, another internal line of just 1 hr wait for the single food stand. The real reason, I guess, why you'd only allow one half person in every 5 minutes, that's the only way to avoid a riot.

My group of 6 left really pissed off. Somebody should sue these Oktoberscammers.

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  1. Their website claims they were a victim of "ticket fraud!"

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    1. re: Public_Offender

      and they didn't even spell "bear" correctly! Jeez! I'd rather NOT bare anything with those people!

      1. re: annalulu

        It's hard to think about minor details like spelling when you're rushing for the midnight flight to Buenos Aires!

        Sorry to hear about the rip-off, RicRios.

      2. re: Public_Offender

        Their website is down. Obviously victims of server fraud.

        1. re: maxzook

          Amusingly, their site works for all pages except the home page, e.g.:

          Apparently "the damages" they are "resolving" are not technical ones.

          BTW, according to this page, the Oktoberfest organizers were planning a wine festival in Calabasas in November:

          The web site for that event now claims it has been cancelled:

        2. re: Public_Offender

          the real victims of fraud are those who paid for tickets. shame on the organizers.

        3. Sounds pretty bad...I was thinking something could go wrong with the whole thing. Sucks for everyone that went.

          It looked like it was supposed to be at Paramount Studios first , and then they switched it to L.A Mart for some reason

          Sounds pretty crappy

          1. I went to the ones at Sony and Paramount. The Sony one was good, the Paramount one was fantastic. I had two friends pay 120 bucks to go to this one downtown. They waited 2.5 hours to get in and left after 5 minutes, feeling totally robbed and swindled. Bummer for the beer scene and eff the organizers.

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            1. re: SaltCod

              Rather than eff I'd look for the "j" word, as in: Jail.
              Big time fraud under false claims.
              These fraudsters pocketed a tidy 6 figures booty in a single afternoon.

              1. re: RicRios

                I wouldn't wait in line 3 hours for the Rapture, much less this Cluster Fu*k...thanks for taking one (a BIG ONE) for the team , Ric.

            2. It was awful, I agree! I even had a free ticket and VIP admission and it STILL wasn't worth it.

              1. Ouch. Thanks for the warning RicRios. :( Sorry to hear about the 4 hour wait.