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Oct 10, 2009 05:34 PM

Near the University of Chicago

We'll be touring the campus on a Thursday afternoon, would like lunch beforehand. We'll be parking at one of their two garages around 57th-59th street and University Ave. Most colleges have a "street" or "area" where all the restaurants are - is UC the same, and where is it? And once we find it, what's good and unique?

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  1. 55th street is a main thoroughfare and has a variety of restaurants. Woodlawn Tap is a local institution. It is bar food, but the place has so much character. You really see the cross cultural mashup that is Hyde Park/U of C. Another place, if you want fancier is La Petite Folie. It is owned by former U of C students. Great traditional French.

    La Petite Folie
    1504 E 55th St, Chicago, IL 60615

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      57th St and 55th St and the sort of streets I think you are looking for. 57th St. is probably the one with the most popular with students: Edwardo's, (mainly pizza and pasta) The Medici (the biggest with a varied menu and a roof garden) Noodles (Thai) all in the same block between Kimbark and Kenwood, ad 2 blocks fuSrther east, the Salonica (Greek). My favorite of the the The Medici. On 55th St. there are several Asian restaurants in the blocks east of the viaduct, Seoul Corea, Siam, Snails Thai, and also Manny's (deli). La Petite Folie is on the other side of the viaduct in the 55th St Shopping Center.

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        Cedars of Lebanon on 53rd is also nice, but a bit out of your way. If its for lunch, consider having lunch on campus. uofc has tons of coffee shops in basements and in the library. one nice one is on the second floor of the reynolds club (corner of 57th and university). its run by students (not corporate like the first floor cafeteria and c-shop). many restaurants in the area service the shop, so you'll find falafel sandwiches, noodle dishes from snail, rajun cajun samosas, and delicious sandiwches from pizza capri (which i highly recommend--much tastier than the medici). they also have sofas and coffee and you can lounge a bit before you move on with your day.

    2. A few on 57th Street, a few more on 53rd Street, but Hyde Park may disappoint in that it really has a lot less commerce around it than many schools. HP is quiet, residential, full of trees, and full of purposeful-looking people walking quickly from A to B. This isn't NYU in the Village, with lots of distractions. Most of the restaurant action in Chicago is downtown on the Near North Side, and getting there from HP isn't overewhelmingly convenient., especially without a car. But Google and see if Calypso is still open in HP---I heard it was going to close but if it's still going, it's great for Caribbean food.

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        Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions. I'm not sure where we'll eat ( I love the idea of eating right on campus)...but we are college junkies and the UofC is on our must-do of tours, the eating is actually secondary.

        Was "noodle dishes from snail" a typo?

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          In that case, you've really got to do Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap as suggested above. I wouldn't suggest anything else but a burger (and these are real sliders), some fries and a beer, b ut it is very close to the parking lot, and for UoC it's about as quintessentially UoC as they come. Not about the food at all, but if you want to enter into an existential discussion with one of the bartenders, this is the place:

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            Lol! No, Snail is the name of a restaurant on 55th that caters to the UofC shops.
            I second Jimmys (Woodlawn Tap), but its kind of quiet in the daytime.

            But if eating is secondary, go to the second floor shop in the Reybolds Club. Just FYI, if you're going to be at the UofC this Thursday, there's going to be a major protest on the corner of 57th and University (i.e. on campus and outside the Reynolds Club), because Ehud Olmert will be speaking there.