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Financial District Weekend Lunch Options?

This post is for those of us who need to lug our laptops into the office on a weekend (Guess where I'm at now! On a sunny day!). To add insult to injury, there are very few lunch options in the Financial District. Of course, if I had the time and the energy, I'd walk to the Ferry Building or Chinatown.

Barring that, what go-to places do you have in the Financial District on the weekends? I'd start the list off with this:

1) Hi-Tea, which just opened up recently on Bush between Sansome and Battery, is open Sat 10-4. Pho and bubble tea galore.

Outside of Hi-Tea, my options appear to be Subway and McDonald's. Sigh. What suggestions do you have?


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  1. I've been to Oasis on a weekend.

    1. I work in the financial district as well. Choices in the area are lousy - weekend or weekday in my opinion. Sounds like should buck up and walk over to Cane Rosso at the Ferry Bldg.

      1. A few weeks ago I had a great cubano at Paladar on Kearney on Saturday.If I hadn't been alone I would have tried the yucca chips, they looked scrumptious.

        1. I usually end up at Banana house on Kearny on weekends. Also, I think Caffe Amici is open weekends as well. If it's sunny, I sometimes go over there and work for a bit. Although it's been pretty miserable by the beach all weekend, so I'm surprised to hear it's sunny downtown.

          1. depends how far you're willing to walk - all sorts of great pho on larkin street

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            1. Tadich's is open for lunch on Saturday. There's generally no wait for counter seating. A little further west of the FiDi (on the edge of Union Square) is Cafe Claude, in Claude Alley. I live and work downtown and enjoy each of these places.


              1. Macaroni Sciue Sciue isn't far from the FiDi and open for lunch on the weekends.

                1. Cafe Dolci, which serves the best bahn mi in the financial district, is open on Saturdays--or at least they were last year at this time, you might want to check. But they told me that they stay open on Saturdays because a lot of the art gallery workers nearby rely on them. In addition to their bahn mi selection, they also usually have sticky rice with sausage and fresh shrimp rolls with peanut sauce. I like to call ahead to order, it usually takes about 5-10 minutes for your food to be ready, depending on how crowded they are.

                  Cafe Dolci
                  740 Market St, San Francisco, CA

                  1. I believe Henry's Hunan, on Natoma east of New Montgomery is open. Maxfield's bar in the Palace Hotel. Chipotle on New Montgomery south of Mission.