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Oct 10, 2009 04:36 PM

Lal Mirch: Never again!

Having trouble with this board. The restaurant's name is Lal Mirch.

Never had chicken so dry in all my life. Curry: heat without flavor. Didn't know that was even possible. The nan was okay.

Just moved into the North Hollywood area. Are there any good Indian restaurants?

Lal Mirch
11138 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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  1. You might get better results if your post topic was something along the line of either "Lal Mirch" or "North Hollywood Indian Req." "Never again" is too broad.

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    1. might have been an off day, i typically like lal mirch.
      But try 818 Masala its nearby on lankershiem and its good.

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      1. re: ldodb

        818 Masala is closed. Went by for dinner several weeks ago and the 'closed' sign was displayed and the chairs were up on the table. The guys inside said something about the liquor license, didn't quite get it. Drove past a couple of days ago and a 'For Lease' sign was in the window. Sorry.

      2. My favorite in the area is Salomi, which was George Harrison's favorite restaurant in L.A.

        Also had good results with the Bollywood Cafe, down the street from Lal Mirch.

        Salomi Indian & Bangladesh Restaurant
        5225 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

        Bollywood Cafe
        11101 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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        1. re: maxzook

          Never saw George Harrison there but did see Weird Al Yankovic once.

          Sorry to hear that Lal Mirch was less good than usual. Hope that's temporary.

          1. re: Akitist

            Oh. Yeah. I guess that wasn't George Harrison after all.

          2. re: maxzook

            Tried Bollywood last night. Better. Much better, thanks. Will have to try Salomi next.

          3. It's funny that you say that, because I got Lal Mirch delivery a few days ago. It has always been excellent, especially the tikka masala, but the one I got had a very strange flavor to it. (It almost tasted fruity.) I was wondering if they might have changed owners or kitchen staff, because it was such a huge departure from their typical quality.

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            1. re: Jwsel

              Hmmm, there may be something to this. I just got Lal Mirch delivery on Friday, and the Chicken Tikka Masala, normally delicious, was off. The chicken hadn't been marinated enough, didn't have its usual infusion of smoky goodness, and the sauce lacked depth of flavor. It was hot, as I requested, but the rest of the flavor wasn't quite there. I will say that the vegetable korma was still great, and when I last had their food, in late September, the whole meal was terrific.

              Perhaps something has changed for the worse very recently.