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Oct 10, 2009 03:42 PM

Help! 4 night visit to DC: Where to eat?

Hey DC Hounds

I am an SF Hound and very excited to be in DC with my wife and parents for 4 nights the week after next. Looking for some great suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Here are our criteria:

1) We love eat out, so we want the best DC has to offer.
2) Mid to high end, but not uber. We are not looking for $250 per head prix fixe, nor the best local taqueria.
3) No jackets/ties required, we are coming casual, but nice.
4) No more than a week in advance to get a reservation.
5) We will have a car, but would prefer not to go too far into the cuts. We will be at the St Gregory.

Thanks again!


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  1. Good to hear you're coming for a visit. I'd spend a few minutes browsing the most recent couple of pages of this boards. There have been a number of 3/4/5 day/night visit threads recently, and some of the responses in those could help you narrow your selections.