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Oct 10, 2009 03:39 PM

Amazing Wine Bargains Beginning to Appear

I just visited my favorite large wine shop here in the Pacific Northwest and was amazed at some of the discounts. $30.00 bottles of well respected Columbia Valley wines marked at less than $10.00. (These are not just good, they are exceptional wines.) Discounts like these were everywhere as it appears some wineries really need to move inventory due to finances. Anyone else observed this trend?

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  1. I am a cellar club member of a top Yamhil Valley winery and have been getting e-mail specials lately. It's hard to resist. I do not go to wine shops much to compare. I need to limit my temptation to buy. I now get most from the on-line merchants, and there seem to be a lot of good deals in the $10-20/90 pt range that I have been testing. I am trying to work down my cellar and not buy too much in bulk, just assorted cases of good buys with 1 or 2 better items. Now it does seem like a good time to stock up. Prices will probably be down for several years. There is worry by some new wineries and vinyards about their future.