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Oct 10, 2009 03:38 PM

berlin - recommendations for a solo traveler

i've loved reading this board for years and have gotten some great advice (however this is my first time posting!) NYC food junkie traveling for 4 days to berlin on business next week. I'll be staying in the Mitte and looking for some great recommendations. willing to travel, actually prefer to spend more time in other neighborhoods for eating & drinking. Suggestions would be great for the following:

1) good, moderately priced lunch places - under 20 euro
2) sunday brunch spot - will be there on a sunday, and not working so a great brunch is a must.
3) place to get a perfect schnitzel & beer
4) turkish spot in Kreuzburg
5) sadly i think Prater is closed in Oct, yes? is there a similar place?
6) one spot for a more fancy dinner - no more then 50 euro (food only) - would prefer german cuisine. but will most likely be alone, so a good spot for a solo diner. perhaps a place with a great menu but has bar seating.

Since will only be there for 4 days, i might not hit all the spots i am asking about, but hey, a girl can try!
many many thanks

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  1. 1) for lunch, monsieur vuong comes to mind, a trendy vietnamese on alte schönhauser. no dish over 7 euro, very fast turn-over, always fresh & tasty ingredients.

    not sure about good brunch in that area. mitte's VERY touristy, so good luck with that one. you could try pappa é ciccia on schwedter str., or istoria on senefelder str. technically in prenzlauerberg, but not too far from mitte.
    3) i haven't been there msyelf, but engelbecken gets rave reviews from many berlin-visitors who have posted on this board, and friends of mine whom i trust recommend it for really good german food & good schnitzel
    4) depends. hasir on adalbertstr. still serves up a mean dürüm döner, but i can't recommend having a sit-down dinner there.
    5) there's no place like prater '-). what are you looking for, a beergarden? have you been to berlin in october? i am guessing you won't like sitting outside...
    6) i can't think of a fancy german place with bar seating. but if you are willing to venture into asian-inspired haute cuisine, you can experience berlin's hottest chef, tim raue, at umâ, which has bar seating & a good view of what the cooks are up to... or you can check out mâ -- they have a great lunch deal.

    i bet you will have a great time! please report back on your experience.

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    1. re: linguafood

      thanks for all your suggestions. as for brunch - i am happy to travel. i'm only in mitte b/c that is the hotel they booked for me (i would have chosen something else). any good brunch recommendations would be appreciated!

      ahh, alas i haven't been to berlin in oct. i've been twice, but both times in the summer and a number of years ago. loved prater for being able to sit drink a beer, read a book, people watch, drink another beer, read and eat. however, i guess i won't get that same experience now. any other (warmer) spots for an afternoon beer i should try?

      1. re: miss_anthrope

        well, either of the brunch spots i mentioned should be good. i'm partial to café morgenland in kreuzberg, but that's a bit of a hike. prenzlauerberg is much closer.

        as for beer, brauerei lemke makes some nice brews, and they are super-centrally located near hackescher markt.

        1. re: linguafood

          The food at morgenland is great, but it's way too busy for my tastes (or was the last time I was in Berlin). I totally concur on Istoria, though.

          Another, totally different but very Berlin option would be Cafe Morgenrot on Kastanienallee, also in Prenzlauerberg. Tasty vegetarian food in a lefty, punkish environment.

    2. I just got back from Berlin and found a little gem in the middle of touristy Mitte. We were cold and hungry, wandering around trying to find more than just a kebab house or another uninspired restaurant when we stumbled upon Cafe Aedes. It's a small restaurant, a perfect respite from the cold. We both ordered the Grünkohl and it was really good. I know it sounds boring (three types of boiled sausages, boiled kale and boiled potatoes served with a dollop of mustard) but they were cooked perfectly. It was basic home cooking but done very well. We each had a glass of wine and the total came to a bit over €26. A real steal and definitely a place you could dine alone.

      Cafe Aedes, Hackesche Höfe, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41