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Oct 10, 2009 03:06 PM

The Fresh Market opens in Westport on October 14

This could be good for the area. Can't wait to hear people reactions.

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    If it is currently an A&P that is changing to Fresh Market do a search and read about the reaction to the same scenario in Stamford.

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    1. re: jfood

      Hey is not an A&P makeover, but a real Fresh Market. It used to be Shaws (major yuk). Looking forward to a new shopping option in Westport!

      1. re: sibeats

        Thats a good start and a step in the right direction

    2. This should be really good news - can't wait to check it out.

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      1. re: amanda3571

        We have a FM here in Winston Salem NC, it is a nice store but not everything there is so great. The produce is not always the best & can be over priced. The meats are good, I buy either at FM or Whole Foods. They always have free coffee made but it is so weak & such weirdo flavors so who wants it? The nuts are usually stale too. The deli is ok, the rotisserie chicken is awful but I don't like store made rotisserie chicken anway, tastes like it has been injected w/chemicals. Sounds like I am throwing FM under the bus but I go there for certain items. Definately not a store where you would do all of your shopping unless you are just loaded w/cash.

      2. I really hope this place has quality product...anybody know anything about the company?

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          1. re: mcllmlathd

            I have been to Fresh Market many times in FL- its where my parents do a lot of their shopping. I was very excited to hear that it is coming to Westport, where I work. They have beautiful and unusual produce, meats, fish, dairy, prepared and baked goods. In the area, I'd say that it is most similar to Balducci's.

            1. re: mcllmlathd

              I've been to 2 Fresh in South Carolina, the other just outside of Atlanta. The concept is that they are all the exact same layout. I think it's going to be a great addition to the area. Really good quality products. Not so big to be overwhelming. Open layout with easy to see signage, so you can find what you're looking for. Feel good atmosphere makes you want to linger and look at everything they offer. Yep, I could have spent the night when I was there. Prepared food offerings are different than most stores and they totally encourage tasting everything. One day before opening! Can't wait!

              1. re: luvarugula

                Interesting, I was in Balducci's yesterday and they have been very busy expanding their dairy and meat sections. They installed new refrigerated cases along both walls with more space, and added many more product lines to both sections. They now have full lines of Bell & Evans chickens packaged, lots of different hams, rabbit, tons of D'Artagnan products. Over in the dairy case there are tons more types of packaged cheeses, etc. I have to assume they are getting worried about the hit they are going to take when Fresh Market opens. I happen to shop at Balducci's a few times a week, and am looking forward to another option.

                1. re: luvarugula

                  I guess I won't be the only CH there tomorrow! :)

              2. I am dying to visit. My husband just called to tell me there are people picketing outside. Anybody know why?

                Anyone know what prices will be like. I'm hoping the meat prices are reasonable. I really battle with guying meat in Westport. I usually go to Stew Leonards or Balducci's which gets expensive.

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                1. re: kedh

                  The picketing has nothing to do with The Fresh Market. I think it's just the local union...probably the same that picketed Whole Foods when they were opening. I don't know about pricing and how it compares to S&S, Stew's or Balduccis. I think definitely cheaper than D'Artagnan products...probably more in line with Stew's. If you go, let other CH's know how the prices compare.

                  1. re: luvarugula

                    I went today (what was I thinking???) It was packed, lots of older folks sampling the free wares, lots of people wandering around looking dazed, not shopping, just looking, lots of people with carts shopping. And there were as many people outside picketing! It looked to me like the same group that picketed Whole Foods, same large inflated rat, didn't stop the hoards from going in.
                    It was very nice inside, interesting open layout. Fish selections looked pretty good. I couldn't get too close to the beef but the pork and veal looked nice. Vegetable section was nothing to write home about...better and more interesting selection at Balducci's. Huge deli/prepared food case in the middle of the store. Food looked pretty good, but then again prepared food always looks better than it tastes, I didn't purchase any. Big beer selection...I didn't see any wine, not sure if they are carrying it. Big bakery, fresh breads, couldn't get too close, too many people.
                    I bought a few items, prices are pretty high, about the same as Balducci's, maybe even higher on some items.
                    I'll go back when things settle down and get a better look, but it has promise. Interestingly I popped into Balducci's afterwards to get a couple of things and it was deserted!

                    1. re: sibeats

                      Note: Grocery stores in CT are not allowed to sell wine, only beer.

                      1. re: rbailin

                        Thanks...I thought so but wasn't sure. I saw on their website that other stores sold wine and was wondering if it was a CT law like the silly no sales on Sunday.

                    2. re: luvarugula

                      Just got home from The Fresh market- yes it was PACKED with shoppers and looky-loos alike. Free reusable shopping bag, 1-pot bag of coffee, and lots of samples and sales for the grand opening. Everybody(including store employees) seemed to be in a good mood and rolling with the 1st day craziness. The produce selection doesn't seem to be as large or varied as I remember from the store I frequent in Altamonte Springs, FL, but that didn't stop me from getting asparagus- for the low, low price of $1.98 a pound! Pineapples were a dollar higher than most local competitors. The most impressive thing about the store to me, other than the ability to pick up some of my fave Fresh Market goodies(Cinnamon crispers- YUM! Butterkase cheese, which I haven't been able to find anywhere else in the area, and a few other things) is the customer service. When I asked the clerk at the bakery where the Cinnamon crispers were, she didn't tell me or point, she walked me to them (and they were nowhere I would have expected them to be), and told me if there was anything else I needed help with, to come back to her. I had that same type of experience with every employee I spoke to- super friendly, courteous and helpful. And they take your groceries to the car- who does that anymore?? I didn't do a lot of shopping today, but did notice some prices- Prime Filet Mignon $16.99 /lb (on sale) is comparable or lower than many markets. Gorgeous, fresh tuna steaks were also 16.99. I think most "normal" grocery items are higher than Stop & Shop, but Fresh market is kind of like Stew Leonard's in that way- its not a replacement to Stop and Shop, its an addition to, at least for my needs.

                      The picketers are little more than a distraction- and yes, they are the same group that picketed Whole Foods- United Grocery Workers. I find the giant inflatable rat pretty funny, and they certainly don't seem to be affecting the traffic Fresh Market is getting- be prepared to go round and round the lot waiting for a spot to open up the first few days.

                      1. re: JenJeninCT

                        Wow I must have done something free reusable bag, no coffee and no one took my groceries to the car! As a matter of fact after my groceries were bagged, someone came along and took my cart away and put it back with the others!
                        I agree the fresh tuna looked beautiful. It was nice to see that they had 2 varieties, and one was labeled as sashimi grade, which you never see around here.

                  2. Here's a nice write up:

                    I may venture this wknd. Dying to check it out. The fish does look great (pic in article).

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                    1. re: amanda3571

                      Fresh Market in Stamford is merely a renovated A&P. Still the same crappy staff, not great selection, overpriced. Stamford still had no great supermarket.

                      1. re: lillydaisy

                        This discussion is not about the A&P Fresh Market. Its about the REAL Fresh Market in Westport.

                        1. re: lillydaisy

                          "Stamford still has no great supermarket."

                          ShopRite at Commerce Park is very good... as extolled in other threads. Otherwise you're right. Despite the recent renovation, the Ridgeway S&S is a mess, overpriced, and poorly managed. There's absolutly nothing downtown. We get A&P Fresh Market, Westport gets the real deal.

                          But take heart, Fairway is coming. Can Citerella be far behind? They are out on the Island, albeit the Hamptons.

                          1. re: louuuuu

                            Yes- I'm with you on the Shop-Rite at Commerce Park. And I do look forward to Fairway. I've been a spoiled New Yorker.