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Oct 10, 2009 02:57 PM

Founding Farmers

Has anyone been? I am headed for brunch tomorrow and was wondering if there is anything specific I should try.

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  1. On this board there are strong polarized opinions about FF,
    I have eaten there 3 times and really like it a lot!
    I especially love their grilled cheese & tomato soup and carrot cake.

    1. I love this place so much all the food is great, however service is hit miss. one of the things that surprises me is that the best service i have received was at a table on the lower level. The service at the bar is not good and that was the only time that i have sat in the dinning room, but I have heard service can be really bad in the dinning room too. The sliders are great so is the derby chop salad. All the food I have had is solid for the price.