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Herbs for Potato Soup

What herb do you add to potato soup? Potatoes are a bargain now so potato soup it is. I make a traditional cream based soup with onion, celery, grated carrot and bacon. Left in the garden I have dill, cilantro, sage, basil and thyme. I am leaning towards thyme...but wondered what others use. Thanks

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  1. I like thyme and sage in mine.

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    1. I love potato soup for its creamy neutrality. A garnish of parsley is nice.


      1. Of those you list, I'd choose thyme. Chives would also be nice.

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            I like a sprig of fresh dill on top. It just adds a nice 'lemony' twist.

          2. I always make potato leek soup, which doesn't need too much extra flavor. Just a pinch of thyme. If making some other potato soup, I would lean towards dill though, I add that to lots of my dishes, love it.

            1. Beside perhaps the dill (used sparingly), I wouldn't use any of the herbs left in your garden.

              When I make potato soup, I use bay leaves and plenty of cracked black pepper.

              1. I always use a hint of rosemary.

                1. I definitely use thyme in mine. I've thought about skipping it and trying nutmeg in my next effort.

                    1. I'm more of a spice than herb gal,
                      nutmeg, grated over the top before serving & a dollop of sour cream.

                      1. I have Potato leek simmering right now. In addition to the onions, celery I added garlic, and later a few bay leaves. I will garnish with some chives, but that is about it. I am curious about a potato-dill soup though...Is dill too strong to me the main herb as opposed to a supporting flavor? I don't think cilantro or basil would work though.

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                          When I make potato soup, I put celery, carrots a little bit of bacon for that smokie flavor and of course garlic. Thats the way my family likes it. I also put leek,s in my soup when I can find it. Basil is good for a tomato based dish.

                        2. thyme, parsley if you have it, and an 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper to season.

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                          1. I like leeks and herbs de provence the finish with chives. If feel particularly indulgent, out comes the procuitto crumbles and cheese. Now I'm craving some!