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Oct 10, 2009 01:48 PM

Asheville Brewpub that is vegan/vegtarain friendly?

I am heading to Asheville in the coming week and was looking for a good brewpub that is vegan/vegetarian friendly? Would welcome everyone's top recommendations.


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  1. Laughing Seed is an awesome vegetarian restaurant (even my meat-loving husband likes it) with a nice patio that serves beer from Green Man Brewing (linked somewhat with the very popular Jack of the Wood which is located downstairs from Laughing Seed). Barley's has a huge beer selection and decent (not great) pizza and a large menu with other veg options(veggie burger, veggie melt, hummus app). Live music often in the evenings and a lively atmosphere. Biergarden has a huge beer selection and passable bar food with salad and some veg options. Mellow Mushroom is a regional chain but it has a good beer selection including many local brews, not to mention a great patio, good pizza, and tons of vegan/veg sandwich offerings. Of all of these, the food is best at Laughing Seed, but you'll find more beer at the others.

    1. Most restaurants in Asheville, brewpubs included, are veg-friendly. I'd go to the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. (aka "Brew-n-View"). The overall quality of the beer is excellent, and you won't get it outside of Asheville (festivals notwithstanding). I don't know off-hand if they have anything vegan on the menu, but you can always ask. Like I said, a lot of places are conscious of veg* diets. If vegan dishes are important, follow the above advice about Laughing Seed. Its not my favorite but it would make a vegan very happy. Then you can go to Jack of the Wood afterwards.

      1. Jack of the Wood is Vegan Friendly and the beer is good!