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Oct 10, 2009 01:19 PM

Dining in Waikiki

Going to be in Waikiki for a night in a couple of weeks, and looking for a recommendation for a moderately priced beachfront restaurant. Menu needs to have American food, along with local or Asian choices.

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  1. What hotel are you staying at?
    Halekulani Hotel has Orchids, House without a key.
    Princess Kaiulani has Pikake Terrace

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      1. re: nibs

        You didn't say if you will have a car or not..
        Ilikai has a restaurant that has a great view, but haven't been there in 20 years. I think it is italian now. Finding moderately priced meals at a hotel is hard, especailly in Waikki.
        You can walk over to the Ala Moana Center., which is just down the street across from Ala Moana Beach Park. There are many places to eat.
        Ate at Tsukiji Fish Market and restaurant buffet..abt $35 per person back in August when I went to visit family.

        Wailana Coffee House on Ala Moana Boulevard has endless pancakes open 24hrs.
        No beach front view. Will get that only at the hotels.

        Ward Warehouse just before the Convention Center and Ala Moana Shopping Center has places to eat also.

    1. beach front and moderately priced are for all intents and purposes mutually exclusive. if you really want to be 'on the beach' your best bets are Dukes and The Hau Tree Lanai. They are among the more reasonable for beachfront. The Halekulani is wonderful, but you are going to be paying some pretty hefty prices.

      Tiki's is across the street from the water, and it has some good views of the beach if you are along the rail, but it is not beachfront.