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Oct 10, 2009 01:02 PM

How long will raw foie gras keep in the freezer?

I usually buy foie gras fresh by the lobe from a wonderful vendor in Sonoma. I sometimes make a terrine out of the whole thing, but most of the time I cut it up into individual slices for searing. Whatever I don't use when we first buy it, we would vaccuum-seal and put in the freezer. The hubby and I would then just defrost them in the fridge so we can have seared foie gras whenever we want.

I usually use up my supply within 6 months or so, but I just discovered that there were some hidden pieces in the very back of my freezer labeled April '08. Would it still be safe to eat? I'd hate to waste some good foie gras, but I don't wanna make myself sick either. :-(

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  1. You won't get sick from frozen foods, provided that the freezer has maintained the proper temperature, preferably 0ยบ F or below. But the quality of the frozen food will decline the longer it is kept frozen. So if you leave the fois gras frozen too long it will suffer in terms of taste, texture and color, but it won't make you sick as freezing stops bacterial growth.

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      Thanks! I wound up eating it anyway and it was still good! I didn't get sick either... :-)