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Oct 10, 2009 11:36 AM

Chicken and Waffles?

This is a pretty random question...I've noticed a number of Fried Chicken & Waffle dishes highlighted on various Food Network shows. I'm intrigued. Are there any places in the DC Area (NoVa specifically) that make this well?

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  1. This is the place to go. I didn't realize these folks had other restaurants. Gladys Knight, the famous singer, has a really popular joint in Atlanta she runs with her son that specializes in what you're after. It appears that they have a location in our area. Not the most conveinent to you (on the grounds of the old Capital Centre), but here's the info.

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      Gladys and Ron's place is now closed

    2. i love the chicken and waffles at art & soul in the liaison hotel.

      1. I haven't had them, but I've heard raves about the chicken & waffles at Marvin at 14th and U.

        1. Marvin has a really wonderful version of this dish---both on their brunch menu and regular menu.

          1. Oohs and Aahs had them on a late night menu. I haven't been at any time for a couple of years (thought that's set to change soon).