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Oct 10, 2009 11:00 AM

Memphis birthday and anniversary

Heading to Memphis for my husband's birthday and our anniversary. We live in New Orleans and are used to fine dining and hole in the wall great food. Looking for suggestions for one fine dining night, one great Sunday brunch and several inbetweens. Definitely looking to eat some great bar-b-que. Also, any suggestions on not so touristy music venues and must do's? Staying at the Peabody if it makes a difference....

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  1. For fine dining, there is no substitute from Restaurant Iris. Call ahead for reservations because it is pretty hot right now. They also have a great brunch. Some other inbetweens you might want to look into are Soul Fish, Boscos, Flying Fish, Las Tortugas, and Central BBQ. All of those except Tortugas are pretty close to the Peabody. Flying fish is walking distance. My favorite blues place is Rum Boogie Cafe. Go up the spiral staircase and sit above the stage. Sadly we do not have done of Must-do's in Memphis, but STAX museum and Civil Right Museum are both great. I really hope yall enjoy it here.

    1. I just got back from Sunday brunch at the Majestic. It was really good and it's only about a block from the Peabody.