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Oct 10, 2009 10:46 AM

Down To Earth Cafe in Perkasie- sigh, shrug

It's new. It's in the strip of shops attached to the Giant on Fifth St. On the plus side, it's in Perkasie, and Perkasie is so starved for restaurants. It has a nice, earthy logo. There's smoothies, and espresso drinks and wholesome breakfast and lunch options. The prices aren't bad. They have a turkey club, a ham and swiss, a grilled chicken sandwich, a roast beef sandwich, an Italian hoagie, some kid's stuff, a few salads (Spinach, house, caesar), fish tacos, a smoked salmon-cream cheese-avocado-onion-caper-bagel sandwich, a grilled veggie-goat cheese one, a portabella one, a fresh mozzarella-basil-roasted pepper-prosciutto one, and quiche.
On the minus side, the atmosphere is soulless, generic, mock-earthy, and sterile. I felt like I was eating on the set of a photo shoot for maybe a Walmart flier, and they wanted a cafe backdrop for their 20something models. The taste level could be much higher, which you can tell as you approach the place and see the Boar's head meats sign, for example.

In short, it's nothing special, but any port in a storm, right?

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  1. I tried Down to Earth Cafe for the first time on Saturday - picked up take out lunch for my hubby and I. My bagel with salmon, cream cheese and avocado was delicious. I also got a fruit smoothie while there and was pleasantly surprised that it consisted of just fruit and yogurt - no sugary calorie-laden syrups to make it less than healthy. They were quite busy while I was there and I found the atmosphere to be very pleasant - a few tables and a nice couch and chair seating area if you just want to enjoy coffee and a piece of cake. I wish them all the best for their new business.

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      Love the Yountville, too (the bagel, salmon, etc.) The owners/staff are personable and dedicated to local food & local business. It's a great place to grab a sandwich or a cup of coffee. I hope the college students and staff can give it regular business. It's a great addition, particularly since the departure of Cafe Avocado.

    2. I don't know why "watercress" was so offended by the interior-- this is a great looking place with rough-hewn solid wood tables, a huge leather sofa and great art. Plus the food is stellar, especially for this neck of the woods. A great addition to Perkasie and Central Bucks! Wish we had something like it in Doylestown.

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      1. re: gracer

        Okay, I concede I'm in the curmudgeonly minority. I wish 'em well and will go back. As far as decor, to each her own. To me the lamps say it all, but I'm not saying it's not comfortable.

          1. re: watercress

            You do seem to notice decor more than most on this board watercress. I know you have said you don't like some of the decor at my beloved R and S Keystone. To each her own for sure, but is there anyplace in your general area where you really admire the decor? I'm always looking for pleasant surroundings. And this matters a lot to my friend John too. In fact a couple of years ago we had to leave Casey's in Lansdale right around this time in October because he couldn't take the halloween decor. I loved it, he he.

            1. re: givemecarbs

              givemecarbs, I care about food a LOT more than decor. Yes, I notice decor because I'm a visual person, but I only mention it when it seems in keeping with a low taste level permeating the food as well. Hmmm, places with atmosphere I particularly like? The Cafe in Rosemont, Manon (Lambertville), Cross Keys Diner (Doylestown) (nicer atmosphere with old owners, but still nice). Where else? I don't know-- I often am in the MOOD for lack of atmosphere, like in a nice basic place like Q-Mart or a neighborhood dive. I'd much rather have that than a place that tries for atmosphere and fails. I'm speaking in general, now.

              1. re: watercress

                Thanks! I guess the closest to me is Cross Keys. I'll give that a try although it won't be the same without Charlotte. Any special suggestions on what to order? As for the Q-Mart, who needs atmosphere if you have a warm box of Fleck's to hug while walking around? :)

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  Givemecarbs, unfortunately you missed out on a whole wonderful incarnation of Cross Keys. After Charlotte there was Terry (not good), and after that (around 12, 13 years ago) it was sold and reopened as Cross Keys Diner. THAT was some wonderful food. A year or two ago those owners sold it and now it's still really good, but not exactly the same. I recommend the cornmeal buttermilk pancakes and whatever else strikes your fancy.
                  About Down To Earth, I've been there a bunch of times now and it's a nice option for once in a while, but I wish the food were just a little better.

                  1. re: watercress

                    We stop in Corss Keys Diner today and it was great! Lunch was awesome, as was the service. Met the owner whose name was Scott I think, and his wife Krista. Super nice people cranking out great food. Their breakfast specials are to die for! Worth the trip! -mJ

                    1. re: watercress

                      I really need to check in on the Pennsylvannia boards more than once a year. Blush. Thanks for the heads up watercress.

                2. re: givemecarbs

                  don't take John to Huey's in Lansdale near any major Holiday then, Carbs... can you say sensory overload?

                  1. re: cgarner

                    Oh I did a couple of years ago close to halloween. We had the vampire wine. I loved ithe decor and had to get up and discretely look at everything but without disturbing the other diners. John couldn't eat his food it was too much for him. Since then if John is along we eat in one of the booths in the bar area and I take a quick look at the seasonal display if there is any. I generally get a guinness and a french dip.

            2. We go to the cafe all the time for breakfast and lunch. We loved the waffles this weekend, they were great. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and I love that there is an area where the kids hang out and read books. Its so nice to have a local, family friendly restaurant that promotes healthy eating.

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              1. re: runswithknittingneedles

                I've had a couple good meals there as well. I think the decor is kind of cute. Fits the demographic very well.

                1. re: sommrluv

                  Another annoying thing there is that they don't post the prices for any of the specials on the board. Service is slow, too. And it's very cold and drafty in there! I still wish the food were better, but some of it's good. The owner seems decidedly non-pro, though nice and well meaning. Hey, howcome this thread isn't on the Philadelphia board? Anything else I can gripe about?!

                    1. re: sommrluv

                      He he loved your post watercress. Non-professional methinks.

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