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Oct 10, 2009 10:43 AM

Flying to Edinburgh from US

and looking for a quick lunch on the route from Edinburgh Airport on the way to St. Andrews. Looks to me that the most direct route does not actually go through the city of Edinburgh. Any suggestions on where to stop for lunch?

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  1. I guess to depends on what time you expect to be away from the airport. St Andrews is only about 50 miles away - about 90 minutes according to my route planner.

    Most of the guide listings for that region are in the St Andrews area.

    1. If you are looking for fish & chips, the Anstruther Fish Bar (in the village of Anstruther, 10 miles south of St. Andrews) is very highly regarded. I have not been there myself.

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        My husband is from St Andrews and we've been to Anstruther on a number of occasions, and they have all been fantastic. There is always a q outside the door, but just be sure to wrap up warm.
        Anstruther is not really on the route though, but not far off. Would be worth the detour.

        1. re: DavidT

          The Fish Bar is the current National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year, so well worth a visit at some point in the trip, I'd have thought.

          1. re: DavidT

            The Guardian recently went against the trend and picked the Wee Chippy, just down the street from Anstruther Fish Bar, as the best place to eat fish and chips.

            I was in Anstruther this weekend and went to the Wee Chippy, mainly on account of the queue being *much* shorter than at AFB, and can confirm that they do really good fish and chips. Reportedly most of the other small East Neuk fishing villages (Crail, Pittenweem) have great options as well, and they're only a few miles apart and surely less crowded, so it's not necessary to focus exclusively on this one place.

            1. re: alopez

              I think the Guardian link is to the bit-of-fun article published in the Observer, which listed the 50 best things to eat and where to eat (as picked by a number of celebrity chefs, not all of whom who be instantly recognised as having expertise in that particular field - which is why I thought it a bit of fun)

              1. re: Harters

                I found that Guardian piece interesting. I was amazed that I'd been to about 5 or 6 of those named. I think I'll work my way through the list. :-)

                1. re: zuriga1

                  3 or 4 more than me, June. I can only claim Katz in new York and Montimar in Estellencs.

                  The 2009 Chippy of the Year finalists have just been announced with, seemingly, none of the big names of recent years on the list. I think I'll work my way through the list - one is listed only as the Big Fish, Cheshire - Google brings up two, including one less than 10 minutes away.

                  1. re: Harters

                    I wish we had a decent chippy near here, although it would probably make my doctor very unhappy to find me in there too often. We really have to visit London for that sort of food.

                    I'm sure we've all had wonderful meals at places not on the list... the judges seemed just a tad biased!

                    1. re: zuriga1

                      Yep, the airport is between Edinburgh and the Forth Road Bridge so you're not going to pass through. The only halfway decent place en route before you hit the East Neuk is the Wee Restaurant in North Queensferry, little bistro place, quite cute. Otherwise as suggested above I'd jut bomb up to north east Fife and do Anstruther/Pittenweem/St Andrews itself.