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Oct 10, 2009 10:34 AM

Restaurant August - lunch special

on friday my friend and i tried august for its new lunch service. we chose the $20 lunch special: three courses plus amuse bouche and bread. it rocked.

the amuse bouche was a full-sized egg filled with a light seafood custard and topped w/ regional caviar. my friend doesnt like custard and even he loved it. the bread were mini baguettes, just barely crisp on the outside and warm and light on the inside, served with sweet butter.

for apps i had the pumpkin soup with crabmeat. thick and rich, this was by far the best pumpkin soup id ever had and my friend suggested it was one of the best soups hes ever had. his app was the most unique of the meal.. the menu read fresh mozzarella and creole tomatoes, but what was placed before him were three large balls of cheese. except they moved, like poached eggs. when he cut into one all was revealed -- they were in fact balloons of mozz filled with a liquid tomato puree! i have no idea how they made this, but it was whimsical and flavorful both.

my main was the a mezza luna pasta filled with acorn squash in a butter-satsuma sauce. my. it appeared small on the dish but after tasting how rich it was i respected the serving. very good. my friend had creole cream cheese dumpings with cane lacquered duckling meat and juice. not sure how it was but looked interesting.

for dessert i had small crepe with cheese and a dollop of pumpkin ice cream (yes i was doing the october theme), which was also very good. he had the chocolate fritters with three sauces, which must have been good as i didnt get to try one!

...the lunch was leisurely, delicious and rich -- i was glad for the walk back to the office. during which we commented how lucky we are to live in a city where one can have such a remarkable lunch on a whim and for such little coin. i was pleased that the house had a good crowd as it reminded me that in new orleans dining is so much more than a necessity of life. its a way of life. its great to see that vitality on display and enjoyed by many.

good show, old man.

Restaurant August
301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. I can't wait to try the lunch special. We went for dinner last weekend, and everything was as amazingly wonderful as it has been every time I've been. Sounds like we had the same amuse bouche you had. All at our table swooned over it.

    1. We (3) too were there on Friday. We did everything you had but also did the Berkshire pork pate appetizer - was surrounded by 6 demi spoonfuls of: satsuma chutney; creole mustard (full grain); fig preserves; olive tapenade; german mustard; and another sweet item - great savory /sweet balance and also served with grilled toast points. Almost a meal in itself. Now that I think about it, a 3 top is perfect for the prix fixe menu as every item can be tried. I really liked how the crepes were cut into wedges and fanned out.The fritters got first place for the dessert choices from us.

      I am so glad that Patrick van Hoorebeek has found his new "home" there - service was
      just outstanding. IMO he is all of what a Maitre D' should be about. I think they were
      @ 100% occupancy from noon on. Upstairs too!

      It's smart that Besh and Legasse are doing these so reasonably priced lunches -
      as you want to return and not just for the special event/birthday/anniversary.

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      1. re: savory south

        i agree on the lunch thought. between these specials (coolinary and similar) and Palace Cafe's temp lunch (best deal in town) ive been hitting something near every week -- because after reviewing the full menu its hard not to whet your appetite...

        1. re: kibbles

          Is the temperature lunch promo still going on?

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            I don't think August ever had a temperature lunch special. I know that Palace Cafe did...but it's over now.

      2. We went last Friday. It was ridiculously good. The only disappointment on the menu was the cane-lacquered duck with chive dumplings in mushroom broth. It was disappointing only because there were about 3 tiny pieces of (amazingly good) duck in there. Otherwise the pate, heirloom tomato salad, pumpkin soup, acorn squash mezza luna, shrimp stew, and desserts were all awesome. The pumpkin ice cream crepes were top-5-dessert-ever material.

        Had an amazing sazerac and mint julep.

        The only issue was our (presumably stoned) waiter. Spilled water on the table and disappeared for long stretches of time. When we mentioned the issues to the maitre d (who is apparently famous...who knew?) on our way out, he gave a very knowing nod of the head and said it would be taken care of.

        Otherwise, this is a seriously seriously good deal. Most chefs would take the national attention that Besh has received this last year and use it to raise prices. Not so here.

        Thanks, chef.