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Oct 10, 2009 09:51 AM

Villiage Wayside Bar and Grille -Asheville NC

The Boyfriend and I went to Village Wayside Bar and Grille last night. To our shock and amazment, it was good inexpensive food. I had fish and chips, it was very yummy. My boyfriend had the brisket sandwhich, while the bbq could have used a little more kick, it was pretty tasty and the beef was tender. For an app we had "tuna tacos" which was sesame tuna with some pickled cabage in fried wontons. They we pretty awesome. Service was sllloooww and our waiter may have been stoned. Though other people seemed to be getting better service so it could be an isolated event. 4 beers, an app and 2 entrees and a cupcake (which was gross) the cost was $40 bucks without tip. For the price we were both impressed and will be back. check it out

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