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Oct 10, 2009 09:44 AM

Korean BBQ for beginners

I went out to Gyenari in Culver City last night and had a great time and enjoyed pretty much everything on the 7 course menu that I picked out (our waiter Soo Hoo I think...helped a lot!!!) I would like to try another place, but feel slightly intimidated by going to a place where almost no english is spoken because I'm not really sure what to order.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? There is a place called Genwa on Wilshire that is real close to where I live and I have a coupon to Jian, so those are my leading contenders.

Please let me know what your recommendations are.


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  1. I usually go to Kang Nam on Olympic/Crenshaw for my Korean food fix. They have BBQ combos that make it easy to try a variety of meats. All you have to do is look at the menu and say combo "X". Can't get easier than that.

    Kang Nam Restaurant
    4103 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

    1. Chosun Galbee in Koreatown.

      1. Soowoon Galbi is my favorite. It's clean, comfortable, easy to order, and the food is absolutely delicious! We strayed last week and tried a neighboring BBQ because of the wait at Soowoon Galbi and we were terribly disappointed.

        1. Park's BBQ is the place to go. It's a bit expensive compared to what you'd find at many other Korean BBQ places in Koreatown but well worth the money. They have great ban chan and the waiters speak English, albeit not fluently. When I've brought non-Korean friends to Park's they have really liked everything we ordered.

          Go for the Toyko X pork belly and seasonsed prime short ribs. If you want to try some non BBQ items I would suggest kimchi stew or rice in hot stone pot with kimchi.

          Park's BBQ
          955 S. Vermont Ave, Suite G, Los Angeles, CA 90006

          1. If price is no object, I would recommend Woo Lae Oak in Beverly Hills. Great food and a predominantly gringo clientele makes for a really nice set of training wheels. The food is quite expensive, though, and is not better than a number of more reasonably priced places in K-Town.

            I like to go to Cho Sun Galbee on Olympic, just west of Western. Great food. Mixed clientele, so the staff is used to and happy to deal with english speakers, although their english tends to be pretty minimal. Not cheap, but I never feel ripped off going there. Highly recommended.

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              If you've been to both Chosun Galbee and Woo Lae Oak, I'm baffled as to how you can recommend WLO when Chosun's food is leagues beyond theirs. But I do agree with the other poster.... Park's kobe is the way to go. Easy easy, clean, friendly, outrageously delicious and quintessentially Korean.

              Mr Taster