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Oct 10, 2009 05:06 AM

Cake Boards in Montgomery County?

Where can I get cardboard cake boards (9" or 10" circles) here in northern Montgomery County? Not sure why they are so hard to find.

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  1. There's a Michael's in Germantown - they carry Wilton cake supplies.

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    1. re: DanielK

      Thanks! It never occurred to me to check a craft store rather than a kitchen or restaurant supply store.

    2. It depends how many you need. If it is just a few, I would go into any of the ethnic bakeries in the area and offer to buy a few. It might be more expensive per piece, but cheaper than a case if you only need a few.

      1. I forget the name, but on the lower level of the stip of stores in Wheaton west of Georgia Ave is a cake supply store. It is adjacent to the open air Wheaton parking lot.

        1. Most party stores have them, too, Party Depot, etc.

          1. The store Dean was thinking of is called, "Little Bitts Shop" on Triangle Lane in Wheaton. It's an amazing place.

            It is one of several interesting stores worth visiting in that strip. Food-related shops include Moby Dick (sushi) and the excellent Marchone's (Italian deli).

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              That's it. They ahve the hard to find gelatin sheets in less than industrail quantity as well. Not cheap compared to buying a box wholesale but sometimes if you only need a couple of something it is far better than a trip to a restaurant supply store.

              1. re: deangold

                That sounds great. Next time I get some falafel, I will have to find the place. Wheaton is a cool place, with all sorts of hidden treasures.