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amazing dinner wanted--price is no object

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We will be coming to the city for what we hope to be an amazing dinner. We have been to (and loved) Per Se, Daniel, Masa, and Le Bernardine. One requirement--we don't eat meat, so the restaurant must have a good fish and/or vegetarian option. Any thoughts? Many thanks!!

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    1. Though they are not specifically fish-centric, I think your next logical stop would be Eleven Madison Park. And if you explain your dietary restrictions when you reserve they may even be willing to arrange a menu for you.

      1. Momofuku Ssam bar is the best restaurant in the city! Absolutely a fabulous meal, you can't go wrong!

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          The OP specified that they don't eat meat. Any David Chang restaurant will be out of the running on that count.

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            Ditto -- if you don't eat pork/beef/chicken, then about a lot of the menu is out of the running for you, even if you do consume fish.

        2. The obvious choice missing from your list of "have done" is Jean-Georges. I think it's time!

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              I think that I have posted somewhere else on the Board, but I was disappointed with my meal at Jean Georges in August. It was good, but not memorable. We had a better meal the last time we went to Bouley, and I can think of other more memorable meals eaten in Boston, Vancouver, Italy, and Amsterdam.

          1. I would agree with either Jean Georges or Eleven Madison Park; those seem to be the top restaurants you haven't tried yet. If you're interested in doing a tasting menu, you should call ahead and see if they can construct a modified vegetable or seafood tasting for you.

            However, at price no object, the absolute best vegetable option is Per Se, and the absolute best pescetarian option is (obviously) Le Bernardin, unless you're looking for sushi/sashimi. If you want to do a repeat visit, those two would be the best IMO. I think the other Michelin 3 stars / New York Times 4 stars perform better without dietary restrictions. Note that Per Se's vegetable tasting is not strictly vegetarian at all, as there are plenty of eggs and meat-based stocks used throughout.

            Another option is Gramercy Tavern as they have a separate vegetable tasting menu. I think that like Per Se, it is not strictly vegetarian either.

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              Yes GT has a fantastic vegetable tasting menu. They will cook it to be specifically vegetarian if you request, though. I would do so in advance.

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                I ate at SHO for the first time this past Saturday night. It took a 1,000 point Opentable reservation and making the Equire Top 20 list to get me to go all the way down there - but boy I'm glad I did!!

                Excellent food and excellent service.

              2. Absolutely Eleven Madison Park

                1. I would follow the great chefs so Jean Georges, Adour, the London

                  1. I was just reading the Sho Shaun Hergatt review and checked out their website. It looks great and just right for you with your fish preference.

                    1. Blue Hill, Village or Stone Barns location. I really can't imagine a restaurant that could do vegetables better than them. You would think from all of the press that Barber receives (the Obama date night, Time mag, etc.) that this would be some hippy granola place. But no! Blue Hill is like Chez Pannise but with technique and flair of the very best in NYC. Definitely in the same class as Per Se and Le Bernardin.

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                        I think Stone Barns is more capable of delivering that type of meal because of its location on the farm. It may have opened after the NYC location, but for all intents and purposes it is the flagship. The integrity of their farming and animal husbandry is really admirable.

                        Also, a grander dining room and an unbeatable view doesn't hurt.

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                          Just had an AMAZING lunch at Stone Barns this past Sunday. I would book WAY WAY in advance if you are interested in going.

                      2. The Modern (Dining Room not the Bar). Explain your restrictions ahead of time and have them adjust a tasting menu. The tasting menu they created for my GF who is vegetarian (no meat or fish) was, according to her, wonderful. My tasting menu which had a nice balance of fish and meat was spectacular and with a little tweeking I'm sure could be adjusted to suit veg/fish.

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                          A lunch we had at the Modern Restaurant this summer was the second-best meal of our year so far (dinner at Per Se was the best).

                        2. Jean Georges, Eleven Madison Park, Picholine, Momofuku Ko

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                            "we don't eat meat" means Momofuku Ko is out.

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                              They do offer a vegetarian menu. They ask when you make a reservation.

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                                "we apologize but the current menu at momofuku ko does not accommodate guests who do not eat meat, fish or dairy"

                                Copied directly from here: https://reservations.momofuku.com/Log... (might need an account)

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                                  Strange, when I went there the actual cooks offered to change individual dishes based on customers dietary restrictions. Even when I made the reservations, they asked the same question. I guess it has been updated since last time I went. Sorry about the confusion then. It would be better to not take the chance about the meat at Ko and go somewhere else.

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                                    Same for when I went, but I think the idea was more for dietary restrictions/allergies, not a wholesale changing of the menu. Best not to take the chance, as you said.

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                                      When I reserve at Ko for my sister who doesn't eat pork, the chefs have no problem making the adjustments.