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Oct 10, 2009 01:25 AM

Any REAL tacos in Jax??

I've lived in San Diego for years now and am moving to Jacksonville soon.
Is there anything remotely close to authentic "TJ"-style tacos in town??

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  1. no - lots of places that make the claim but fall dismally short.

    1. Our friends over at Urbanspoon have said some good things (and bad) about Pepe's. Here's the link:

      If you find real tacos, please let us know. It's hard out here for a foodie.

      Pepe's Hacienda
      3615 Dupont Ave # 900, Jacksonville, FL

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      1. re: marelyisdead

        In some respects, I really like Pepe's; in others, not so much. Of all the Mexican restaurants in town, Pepe's is probably one of the most authentic. However, its authenticity comes with a price. For example, if you order the al pastor or carnitas, you are likely to get some really large chunks of fat and grizzle. They don't do a particularly good job of separating that stuff from the meat. That said, if you stick with safe options such as chicken or steak, you usually get a decent product. However, I walked back to their butcher counter once, and based on the smell of the place, I would never order any meat from there. So, I'm not really sure why I eat it at the restaurant. Never thought about it until now.

        I have had some very good dishes at Pepe's. I have also had some not so good dishes. I really want to like them more than I do simply becasue they prepare authentic Mexican cuisine. I just wish they were a little better with the execution.

        Pepe's Hacienda
        3615 Dupont Ave # 900, Jacksonville, FL