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Oct 10, 2009 01:02 AM

New restaurant opening at 1055 Yonge St

When I was at Globe Bistro for a winemaker's dinner last week, I heard that they are opening another location at 1055 Yonge Street in November. This address is well known for the number of restaurants that have opened at that location. Finally something will open that should have a long run there. The name of the new place was not decided as of last week.

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  1. There hasn't been a winning Restaurant in that location since "CIBO" but there have been many, many who tried as you have stated in the above post.....It would be nice to have a spinoff of GLOBE....hopefully with the same results. The location is 'brutal' for parking but the area could use a 'new' face on the block and with LAKES now closed perhaps they'll get lucky.

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      thanks, Foodydudey. I think it's great. I live around the corner and look forward to the addition.
      As for parking, it's much improved. There's a Green P one block North, street parking on Roxborough and Macpherson, among others, and you could in theory park at the LCBO/Beer Store location a couple of blocks north.

      1. re: meld_la

        Wow, great scoop and good for them. Ed's worked hard and I am very happy for him.

        1. re: millygirl

          I thought it was a great scoop and sent it to another site on Oct 4, but they still haven't mentioned it so I thought I'd let you all know. Anyone going to the next winemaker's dinner at Globe? It's on Oct 20 and is featuring sparkling wines for each course. I can't wait.

      2. re: pearlD

        It appears they will be opening soon, there is more info here: