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Oct 9, 2009 10:40 PM

Bulk Barn in Edmonton

Does anyone know if the Bulk Barn is coming to Edmonton? I was watching the hockey game last night and Bulk Barn had a big on-ice logo at Rexall Place. I know they have come to Lethbridge. Hopefully more Alberta stores are on their way. I have missed it ever since moving from Ontario.

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  1. this is the info on superpages....have not been there. do they carry organic bulk too?

    Bulk Barn Foods Ltd
    2077 98 Street Nw,

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      In Ontario, they tend to carry packaged Organics, but not as much in bulk. That could be changing though with increased demand. Thanks for the address. I can't find any other reference to it so maybe that is where they are going to open up.

      1. re: shanman99

        I would think that they must be open already. let me know what you find!

    2. I investigated in that area the other day, but couldn't find anything that looked like a storefront. I assume it is either well hidden, or a corporate office? This is the area around the Alberta Research Council, by the way.

      However, I could be wrong. Traffic was nasty and they weren't kind to a girl driving slowly, just trying to find some awesome bulk food items, so I didn't look as hard as I should have.

      A closer look at their website just shows an Alberta location in Lethbridge, by the way.

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      1. re: kazzy

        I couldn't help but think it sounds strange that Bulk Barn would be in and around Alberta Research Council, so I googled the address and it came up as;

        The Great 88
        2077 98 St NW, Edmonton
        (780) 469-1221 ‎

        And the map shows the address to be just south of the Superstore in South Common. I usually stop in at the GNC right there (2057 98 St NW), and have never noticed a Bulk Barn.

        1. re: raidar

          maybe it is just a head office for now then. perhaps they are planning to open soon. odd that they are advertising on the ice though already.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Hopefully with the Lethbridge store and with the on-ice ads it is part of a Westward expansion

            1. re: shanman99

              please, please let them come to Calgary. I can't believe there is no bulk food out this way...I too lived in Ontario and bulk barn was a weekly shopping stop...

          2. re: raidar

            *slaps self on head*

            I didn't think to google the address backwards. The Great 88 is a dollar store that closed a while ago, beside the Payless Shoes in S.E.Common. I hope they are renovating as we speak...

        2. Is it possible it's the building where Wal-mart used to be?

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          1. re: Boxytoes

            It looks like it is really coming! I did a search and a bunch of job postings came up for the Bulk Barn (at the 2077 98 Street NW location that cleopatra999 posted). Do a search for Bulk Barn on

            The job postings are for a Nov 16 start, so hopefully it opens soon

            Can't wait!

          2. Just drove by this morning and things are coming along. The inside walls are painted yellow, and so is a big strip on the front fascia. A big dumpster was outside, and nothing really I imagine it's still a bit away. But you never know. I bet they could have it full of shelves and goodies in no time these days.

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            1. re: raidar

              Any news on how it's coming along? I'm DIEING without Bulk Barn in Alberta...I just moved from Ontario and I just can't figure it out. No Bulk Barn?! They don't even have an alternative!

              1. re: Navan

                Nothing more that I could see yesterday.

                1. re: Navan

                  there is one in Lethbridge and soon to be one in Medicine Hat

                2. re: raidar

                  Sign in the window says it is opening on Nov 25

                  1. re: shanman99

                    Made it to Bulk Barn today on their opening day. Very busy around 6 pm. Don't know if it was word of mouth, the Edmonton Journal article today, or all the Eastern transplants itching for some good bulk products. The store seemed a little bit smaller than those I am used to in Ontario and the Maritimes, but the selection all seemed to be there so maybe I am mistaken. Anyway, it is great that it is finally open.

                    Cleopatra999, they did have a selection of organic products in bulk, more than they used to.

                3. The original comment has been removed