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Oct 9, 2009 08:05 PM

Lunch on Sunday

Looking for a fun place to take an out of town guest on Sunday. Somewhere not too trendy so that we can get in. Just looking for good food and comfortable atmosphere with something different.

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  1. Neighborhood? Price? Food style? Lunch or Brunch? Buffet?

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    1. re: Jane A.

      That is the thing. We will likely have a car. So, the neighborhood up to about 96th street is fine. PRobably more of a lunch place than a brunch place and no buffet. This is a close friend so I am not that concerned with price. I am really looking for something that gives her a great experience and if possible something different.

    2. Same question. My friend says "My friend Paul say there's a great vegetarian place at Amsterdam and 92nd street (?) with outstanding pancakes." Three of our four diners are vegetarian, but that's rarely a big deal for a brunch place, outstanding pancakes would be good anywhere (and #4 would love good bacon).

      1. Union Square Cafe is a great lunch! American, easy and good. Also, what about Cafeteria in Chelsea? It's a little sceney though-so it may not be what you're looking for. I'd go 2nd Avenue Deli or maybe Schillers on the LES.

        If you're looking for something really different, you should do Dim Sum in Chinatown at the Golden Unicorn. Its a huge banquet hall and the food is amazing. Its certainly a unique experience!

        1. Eleven Madison Park
          SHO Shaun Hergatt

          All have lunch deals

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          1. re: Rmis32

            EMP and SHO are not open on Sunday.