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Oct 9, 2009 07:27 PM

Worcester-pre or post Opera (on screen)-Best Italian/Tapas choices

Any ideas for a quality interesting Chow experience....

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  1. Bocado Tapas generally gets good reviews on this board, although I haven't been personally.

    For Italian, either Via or Il Forno are both good. Via is more upscale, and Il Forno is just plain solid. I've been to both and been very happy with the meal. Il Forno is BYOB.

    1. Bocado is very reliable for tapas. Good selection, service, wine list.

      I'll also second Via as a good choice. If you order carefully it's not expensive at all. With all due respect to the Wonder Bar and Corner Grille, I think Via has Worcester's best pizza, hands down.

      Il Forno's food is indeed solid, but the whole place has an unfortunate aroma of cigarette smoke from its previous incarnation as a sleazy nightspot.

      Dante's on Shrewsbury St is an interesting choice for a quiet dinner with some local character.

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        The pizza at Via is straight-up ridiculous. I love that thin, but not too thin, charred crust. I could eat it every day, literally.

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          invinotheresverde: I know someone who used to work at Via making the pizza there, and he explained the technique they use. It's not too hard to try at home.

          Roll out some pizza dough (store-bought is fine, homemade better) and get a nice, even fire in your grill, not too hot. Grill the naked dough on both sides until it gets the good char. If the grill is clean it won't stick, but it'll cook quickly, so pay attention. Then bring it inside, dress it with whatever toppings you wish, and finish it off in a hot oven.

          1. re: Rick_V

            The clean grill is essential. My grill was not totally clean and it all stuck...