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Oct 9, 2009 07:17 PM

Luzzo's Westbury

Went to Luzzo's tonight, and except for one guy who delivers pizza's from the oven to the table(who went out of his way to help us), the service stunk. I imagine this is something that will get better over time, but it was really bad, and i'm not normally that picky about service.

To start we had the Insalte Caprese which was simply sliced bufala mozzerella with grape tomatoes cut in half and some basil and oil The tomatoes were fresh and good, but the mozzerella was creamy, tasty, delicious.

For pizza's we had the 16 inch Bufala and the 12 inch Michele. The Bufala was very good.It arrived not being overly hot(which means to me that they are probably making this particular pizza without it being ordered, it also took about 3-4 minutes after the pie arrived before we got plates) I actually don't mind the fact that it wasn't overly hot, because the flavors stand out more when your not burning your mouth. I wish it was cooked for maybe another minute or so to make it slightly more crispy, but the sauce had a nice zing to it, the bufala mozzerella sort of turned into a cream with the sauce, the dough was tasty. It had a very nice taste. Compared to Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave in the Bronx that i had last saturday, this blew it away(Zero Otto Nove is really overated). I just wish for a little bit more crispiness.

The Michele was incredible, i'm not sure if it was the Prosciutto or the Truffle pate on it, but something gave this pizza an incredible taste. It was more crispy then the Bufala and arrived hotter.

I had been hoping for Sripraphai to open yesterday as Thai is my favorite, but Luzzo's definitely left an impression on me tonight. I will be back, and I expect the pizza should get better as they learn the oven and the oven gets seasoned. Hopefully the service improves too.

My question to myself is: did i like this better than the one time I went to Lucali's in Brooklyn and in my mind that had been the best pizza i've ever had. I'm not sure. I need a return trip to Lucali's,(its been about 18 months) but I think I had liked Lucali's better.

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  1. I also tried Luzzo's earlier in the week and was happy with the experience overall. The pizza was definitely solid- I would say better than Grimaldi's but not in the class of Lucali's or Motorino (both in Brooklyn). The place looks nice and the service was very good but we were there for lunch and the place was mostly empty.

    I have to disagree about the pizza at Zero Otto Nove, which I thought was very good. I'd probably say it was probably even with Luzzo's as far as taste.

    The one thing I didn't like about Luzzo's was the price- these pizzas are pretty damn expensive, especially when compared to some of the wood-burning places in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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      i thought zero otto nove had a very good crust, better than luzzo's did, but not by much. But Zero otto nove was completely bland on the sauce and cheese when i had it. I've heard Lucali's is at like $30 now, if that is true Luzzo's isn't too bad. Difara's is $5 a slice, i think because of ingredient prices. Its hard to remember back 18 months but i have a feeling i liked Lucali's better. I don't know how NY Mag put Luzzo's at #6, Zero Otto Nove at #5 and completely left off Lucali's.

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        Luzzo's is now Scotto's. Same, but expanded menu. Supposed to be better ingredients. Same head chef. Lower (not low) prices. Hope it works.