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Oct 9, 2009 07:06 PM

Good bars/pubs in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

I've been living in Jerusalem for a while and am now moving to Tel Aviv - and still painfully more apart of the Anglo community than I would like to be (but getting better with the Hebrew) - so finding good bars/night spots that don't entirely cater to the 18 yr old/tourist crowd still has moments of trial and error. In Jerusalem, I'm already a fan of HaTaklit and Mia's - but would love other recommendations. As well as those for Tel Aviv.

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  1. I myself am an early 30's and moving to Tel Aviv from the states and am looking for some good bars/pubs...any recommendations would be much appreciated!

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      I'm not much of a barfly, but this person certainly is:

      Her Hebrew website is fuller and more updated - good incentive to polish your Hebrew.