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Jan 15, 2005 11:19 PM

Anyone been to Pho Pasteur?

  • j

The last time I drove by there, there was a crowd waiting, but it also has a C rating. So I was deterred from going in. Is it worth it to give that place a try?

How does Pho Pasteur compare to Golden Deli?

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  1. depending on what i feel like eating, i go to either pho pasteur or golden deli. don't let the C rating deter you. i've never gotten sick.

    fried eggrolls: golden deli
    rice vermicelli: pho pasteur, by far. i usually come for this.
    rice dishes: golden deli
    pho: pho pasteur has really fatty brisket. seems to be a bigger bowl at pho pasteur.

    pho pasteur has more tables but you still frequently have to wait for a spot on weekends. it's really busy in there: waiters and waitresses are running around like crazy. nicer decorations.

    suspect that it may be part of a chain that's on the east coast as well, but i've never gotten this verified.

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    1. re: bigpig

      We like the rice dishes for take-out

      1. re: bigpig

        It is indeed a chain that originated on the East Coast. I used to frequent the one in Harvard Square.
        Where is the one in LA?

      2. Do not like their pho at all. Clove offenders.

        1. i agree with bigpig.

          for egg rolls = golden deli
          for pho = golden deli
          for a shorter wait at a restaurant just as good as golden deli = brodard

          definitely try the House Special Fried Fish Cake - it's awesome. Served with lettuce & fixins + fish sauce.

          1. their pho is just 'ok'. though they're generous with the meat.

              1. re: raytamsgv

                yeah, i agree. i think their pho relies too much on msg and doesn't have quality broth. for pho in the sgv, it's saigon flavor for me.