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Oct 9, 2009 05:55 PM

ISO recommendations for in-home chef for dinner party.

I'm hosting a dinner party for 10-12 people and want recommendations for an in-home chef and pricing information.

I've gone through caterers in the past, but wanted to try something more personal and flexible. Are there chefs who specialize in this sort of thing, rather than large catered affairs?

I was hoping to spend around 100/ a head (not including wine). Is this feasible? A bit more (or less) is fine.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


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  1. I've never hired him, but I hear great things about Ezra at Chez Vous catering. I've had his food at the Brickworks farmers market and it's always yummy.

    1. Didier Leroy used to do in house dinners. You may want to try contacting him through his restaurant.

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        Definitely call Ezra Title from Chez Vous. He catered Mr. Millygirl's 50th birthday over 2 years ago and our guests still rave about it. Fabulous food and great guy - winning combination!

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          Thanks- I'll try Ezra.
          Didier might be out of my league!

          Anyone else- my date (time-wise, not romantic partner-wise) isn't flexible, so it depends on their availability...?

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            Chadd McArthur
            Chef / Proprietor,
            Chef For All Seasons

            I hired Chadd a couple of years ago as a gift to my BF's parents. I was able to make special requests (to their tastes) for a five-course dinner, riffing on his own sample menus, which he prepared entirely in their kitchen. He served and cleaned up. They really enjoyed themselves and said the food was great. I let his parents know what the menu would be in advance so that they could choose wines to accompany each course from their cellar.

            I think Chadd lives in Peterborough, but I believe he has an office in Toronto and does more than 50% of his work in the city. He does large scale catering as well as small functions or even dining a deux. I wish I had been there to taste the meal, but the reports were favourable.

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