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Oct 9, 2009 05:07 PM

Taylor's for dinner-- how is it these days?

Coworkers suggested a dinner out at Taylor's. I've read mixed reviews here, but most of the posts are 2005 and earlier.

Has anyone been recently? Any tips for first timers? Where to sit... what to drink... what to order? Do they do a tableside caesar? (I do see steak diane on the menu... is it any good?)

Any and all recommendations are greatly welcomed.


Mr Taster

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  1. I hope posters will provide ample details about the food. I haven't been to Taylor's in several years, because, even though I enjoyed the drinks and atmosphere, the steaks I had in my last couple of visits were tough -- not just chewy -- and unappetizing. There's plenty of room in this town for high-quality beef-houses that don't cost an arm and a leg for less-than-sterling meals. My last trips to Taylor's made me think they were reasonably priced but still didn't deliver quality appropriate to the cost.

    1. I've been there last year, for a B-Day party. It was in a private room. I don't have very precise memories except that my very own steak was good and that I must have chosen the "culotte" cut. All in all I don't think it is an exceptional place food-wise but it is solid, I liked the atmosphere (I don't like trendy places, old-fashioned more my cup of tea), it was reasonably priced, service was attentive.

      1. I think it's worth going for the atmosphere alone. I was there this summer for lunch in the private room. Service was great and my food (I got whatever the fish special of the day was) was very good, if not especially memorable.

        1. I go about every other month. The steaks are always good and so is the onion soup. I have never had the ceasar or Dianne. It's not an amazing place, but its always very good. Their french dip sandwich is my fav. but may only be a lunch thing.

          1. I also go every couple of months and love it. It certainly isn't CUT, etc but if you order right, the food is indeed good and the place has great character/ambiance. I love the booths. If you go with 4 or under, you can get a booth downstairs, which is where you want to be. I do love the small bar on the stairs halfway up to the second floor. And I have eaten on the second floor, which is fine. But booths downstairs are the way to go. Ask when you make a reservation.

            My favorites: The Molly Salad, named after a waitress, which has blue cheese and onions, etc. GREAT Salad. You have to pay extra for it, rather than get the salad that comes with the meal, but I think it is worth it.

            I am not fond of the Culotte, which gets a lot of attention. I had it a few times and think their filet or strip both are better. I like both of those very much. I like their creamed spinach, if it is a night they are making it. And a friend of mine thinks they have the best prime rib in town. They make a good cocktail as well.

            They do not do a tableside caesar and if my memory serves correct, the caesar is just standard. Nothing like the caesar at Musso's, for instance. Give it a try, I love it. (And be sure to go to the original, Koreatown restaurant, which I like better than the La Canada site.)