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Oct 9, 2009 04:25 PM

Pink grapefruit posset : Part Deux of "Need a critique of this idea for a VERY special meal"

As part of a quest to compose an incredible meal -- with admittedly limited experience in cooking-- I did a practrice run of a "Master Chef" recipe by Ryan Stafford: Pink grapefruit possetL See

Followed the recipe exactly as written, and the flavour is ***amazing*** -- but it hasn't set in the slightest in over 4-1/2 hours - very liquid.

The pink grapefuit were really juicy and a specific measure for the juice isn't isn't given in his recipe. This is my first try at a posset, so wonder if there's some secret tip, perhaps a ratio of juice to cream?

Would love to give it another go,, Suggestions for fixing it or what to do on the next go will be welcome.

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  1. I read some reviews of a lemon posset recipe on AllRecipes and one person had doubled the juice and didn't have a problem, so that's probably not it. Did you boil the cream until it thickened before putting it in the glasses? That's the only thing I can think of. One person suggested freezing briefly to help it stay set a bit longer. Apparently, it "melts" pretty quickly once you serve it.

    1. Wow, you are really ambitious with this dinner. I have never eaten posset, but you could always try heating more cream and sugar and adding it to what you already have... Grapefruit range so much in size, and liquid content, as you say...

      1. I have been looking at other recipes to determine ratios. You may want to check this recipe out and see how it compares. It seems that many have made it successfully.

        1. Since it hasn't set at this point, you could make a mousse out of it by whipping. Because it depends on a reaction instead of gelatin, I think it's harder to make than panna cotta.

          I think a panna cotta, your original idea, is a good one and easier to implement than this. Panna cotta is so easy to make, has a pretty presentation and people always love it when I've served it. If you want something along these lines, I'd also highly recommend a lemon mascarpone mousse that's posted in this thread.