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Oct 9, 2009 03:12 PM

Sheraton - N. 17th and Race

What good and reasonable around here. No transportation. I was asked by some folks going there and I am not knowledgeable about that area of the city. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. On the Parkway, there's a Subway and a TGIF if they're desperate and don't want to go too far. That's a slightly awkward location for good food. The only thing I can think of that's not a chain is Tir Na Nog. It's an Irish place on the bottom floor of The Phoenix at 16th & Arch, but it's a bit pricey and can be loud on a weekend night. If they're up for a 6 or 7 block walk, I'd head east on Race to Chinatown. Tons of choices and price ranges. During the day, there's a place at 19th & JFK called Kennedy Food Garden that's a got a deli and a mini-grocery store.

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      I'm pretty sure Tir Na Nog is a chain?

      Anyway, Mace's Crossing is the only non-chain place I can think of right around there, basic pub grub if that will suffice. Otherwise it's not too far of a walk to better places closer around Rittenhouse Square area...

      1. re: sockii

        FWIW Tir Na Nog has multiple locations.. one in Baltimore one in NYC near Penn Station .. not sure i would consider it a chain...

        Mexican post is ok mexican but hardly authentic. Highly recommend Kite and Key..

        Personally I would suggest walking to Reading Terminal ...

    2. There is pretty much nothing in that immediate vicinity. But the Rittenhouse Square area is only 4-5 blocks away and that is a great neighborhood and chock full of eats. I'd send them that way.

      1. There are many restaurants within a 2 block walk. I attended a Conference at this hotel in August. People attending frequently ate lunch at the Food Court of the Comcast Building which has a great assortment of inexpensive food. There is a Mexican Restaurant ( I think it is Mexican Post) which was good. I suggest walking south out of either the 16th St. or 17th St. exits of the Sheraton to find a good selection of restaurants. Also, you can walk east on Race Street into Chinatown for many Asian restaurants.

        1. Going in the other direction, Sabrina's and Kite & Key are 2 blocks away on Callowhill. There is a v. good Jamaican food truck at Community College.