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Oct 9, 2009 03:11 PM

Banh Mi in Edmonton

Does anyone know where to get good Banh Mi (Vietnamese subs) in Edmonton? I LOVE Thi Thi in Calgary, but have never found anything similar in Edmonton. Any places outside Chinatown?


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  1. sorry there is nothing that compares, now that Thi Thi is franchised, I sure hope someone opens one, especially in the west end!! there used to be a decent place in Chinatown that was somewhat similar but they have gone downhill.

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      When to one on 97 st (shared with a BBQ house) expecting to order a Chicken Lemongrass sub only to be told they're out of chicken for the day. This was at 11:30 this morning.

      There's one around the corner as well, same name, but different owner.

      I've been living with mediocrity since I moved back to Edmonton, but it makes me appreciate Thi Thi that much more when I make the trip to Calgary every few months.

    2. I like Van Loc on 98st near 106 st. I can't compare it to other cities, so maybe I am missing out, but I think it's pretty edible. I like the #1 special with pate on it, and the one with smoked (Viet style) ham.

      What makes these Calgarian subs so much better?

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        I'm curious too. Is it the amount of ingredients? The quality?

        I usually pick mine up at Nhon Hoa, which I'm guessing is the one that is around the corner that taiphun referred to. I've been to Nhon Hoa 2 as well but I found the original to be better.

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          My understanding is that they have westernized these...this time being a good thing. They have added cheese, grill them, really fresh great bread, they are bigger, lots of toppings (the usual cilantro, cukes, carrots, onions), they have a mayo that they use (it might be just miracle whip for all I know) and they use a special spicy soy sauce (I think this might be the secret ingredient that really makes the yum factor soar) the sate meat, chick & beef is all stewing away in a vat of spicy oil, the chicken is real white breast meat....not deli, can't remember the beef, I always get the chick. Cannot comment on the other meats, I know the 'assorted' is very popular, just a pile of assorted deli meats, not for me.

          I will try and get to these places that you recommend so I can do better comparison...

      2. Lianne Faulder mentioned this during her best sandwiches piece on CBC. She picked Van Loc Vietnamese sandwich shop at 98th street and 106th Ave.

        Here is the link to the pod cast: