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Oct 9, 2009 03:09 PM

heights (or nearby) for locavores

hosting a special night for friends from England and the Midwest (8 of us) on a thursday night in early december...looking for bklyn heights/environs ...want to show the visitors great local food ina very comfy (not stuffy) atmo...suggestions? or is there a local chef who might cook in our home?

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  1. You should do a search because the Heights is covered often, but I suggest Jack the Horse Tavern. It has a lovely atmosphere, perfect for a group, and is very conducive to conversation and lingering. The food may not be the very best but it's certainly near the top, and in reality, I don't think there is anything truly stellar in the Heights.

    For something very different, if you want to have a really fun time try Hecho en Dumbo at 111 Front St. in Dumbo. It's an artsy coffee house that becomes a really good Mexican restaurant at night, with good live music. Excellent food and not too expensive. They have one long communal table in the middle of the room where they would likely seat a larger group.

    1. Trying to think of restaurants that utilize local ingredients in near your 'hood, as there's not much in the Heights...
      Nearby would be Vinegar Hill House, down the hill in Vinegar Hill, Ici and No. 7 in Ft. Greene, and Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens. If you're up for a short commute, Applewood in Park Slope is probably as good as it gets in BK.
      For lunch, Ted and Honey in Cobble Hill is great.

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        why would you take a person from the uk to vinegar hill house when vinegar hill house just tries to rip off uk pub food?

        take them to waterfront ale house...

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          just go for the brooklyn places that strive for locavorism: stone park cafe, rosewater, applewood, marlowe and sons, diner, etc. if you're wed to either locavore or good, you might as well call a car service or drive or get on the subway, or do whatever it takes to find a good place.

      2. I'd recommend Chestnut, down in Carroll Gardens:

        It's very comfy, and definitely fits the locavore/eco-friendly requirement. And the food is great as well.