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Gluten Free Cake or Cupcakes?

I have been put in charge of getting a birthday cake or cupcakes for a friend's birthday party. He is Gluten intolerant. Any suggestions on where I can get yummy gluten free ake or cupcakes? I am in West Hollywood, but willing to travel if it's worth it. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Sensitive Baker in Culver City-On Washington, I think.

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    1. Whole Foods has fantastic ones someone in my office brings in (I think you may find them in the refrigerated or frozen section but they are fantastic)

      1. A bit further is Flore.

        Flore Vegan Cuisine
        3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

        1. Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I will check them out.

          1. Urth on Melrose has individual flourless chocolate cakes that are to die for. Last weekend they were 50% off at $3.25 each. Although they are individual, they are really rich--and are easily 2 portions each. My husband, who is gluten intolerant--and very sensitive to even the tiniest spec of gluten--loves these, and we do too. So many gluten-free baked goods with replacement flours taste odd to everyone except the gluten intolerant.

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                I know this is sort of off topic.

                I noticed that they sell gluten free cake mix at my local Albertsons. It's made by either Betty Crocken or Duncan Heinz.

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                  Last time I checked they didn't ahve gluten-free--are you sure that they do now?

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                    I saw it last week at the Simi Valley store at about 5000 LA Ave. at Stearns. Now that I think of it, maybe they stocked it because of a weekly ad special on the regular cake mix. I dont get there a lot because I shop elsewhere mostly.

                2. This won't help you right now, but Babycakes Bakery of NYC is opening a shop downtown in November. Their cookies, cupcakes, and brownies are amazing, and they carry both gluten-free and vegan varieties. I can't wait until they're open!

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                    FYI-again pardon this being off topic but many are interested in gluten free products.
                    For anyone interested in a gluten free store. I posted this a while back,